DMS: Reinforcing brand culture

The challenge 

Content creation, localization and distribution provider DMS wanted to attract and retain top talent in a competitive market. Together, we devised a ‘culture bible’ that would highlight the brand’s ethos, position it as supportive workplace and guide its recruitment, development and talent retention strategies. 


250 handbooks printed

Satisfied with the result of its ‘culture bible, DMS printed hundreds of copies as part of an initiative to celebrate company culture and values. 

Building on success

Building on the success of the bible, the lorries helped DMS create a customizable suite of documents to ensure consistency across all internal communications. 

How we did it

We delivered an end-to-end service – from initial concepts and design execution to tone of voice and content creation. After designing a mood board with several design and layout options, we tackled these three objectives: 

Bringing DMS’ values, vision, culture and behaviors to life  


Establishing DMS as an exciting place to work and develop careers  



Informing DMS’ recruitment, staff development and talent retention strategies 


DMS culture book

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I’ve had a longstanding relationship with the lorries for many years and they have done some fantastic work on our brand and core values, becoming a key strategic partner for DMS in the process. They understand our ethos and they understand our business. The team has done a fantastic job in shining a light on our brand values – which the lorries previously developed – and has helped to bring our culture week to life through a vibrant employee handbook.

Simon Briggs - Managing director DMS

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