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ConsenSys: Conquering Europe one block(chain) at a time

The challenge 

ConsenSys builds applications and solutions on the Ethereum network, with an ecosystem of over 50 companies operating in virtually every industry. But with a lack of confidence in the technology, alongside the general public’s lack of understanding around blockchain, ConsenSys was faced with the challenge of building awareness and demystifying blockchain to successfully reach a wider European audience. 


National exposure

With 19% of German coverage, 26% of UK coverage and more than half (52%) of French coverage coming from national publications, the reach and visibility of ConsenSys and its spokespeople has increased significantly. 

698 pieces of coverage

Delivered coverage in tier one and two publications, with 33% in the top tier, including the likes of The Independent, the BBC and ComputerWeekly (UK), Süddeutsche Zeitung, Der Spiegel and Wired (Germany) and La Tribune, Le Figaro and Les Echos (France). 

35% increase in average monthly searches

After seven months, we saw a significant increase in Google’s average monthly searches for ConsenSys in key target markets. 

378% increase in coverage

Boosted the amount of coverage landed by ConsenSys by nearly 400% compared to the previous year. 

How we did it 
    1. Looking at the possibilities of Ethereum beyond cryptocurrency to engage business influencers 
    2. Making an impact through real initiatives and use cases 
    3. Demystifying ConsenSys by telling human stories 
    4. Building credibility by highlighting the company’s work with the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum 

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Red Lorry Yellow Lorry has been a great support to us as we have expanded our European operations. The team has shown solid technical understanding and has fully grasped what we are trying to achieve, offering valuable strategic advice and raising awareness of our brand with exactly the right people.

Victoria Calmon - PR manager EMEA ConsenSys

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