Lorries in the news: how to use LinkedIn in PR

LinkedIn PR
Click here to read the full article on PRMoment

The lorries are back in the news! Our very own digital marketing executive Dan Simpson has contributed to an article in PRMoment talking about how LinkedIn can be used in PR campaigns.

The article explains how PR professionals can’t afford to forget how LinkedIn’s power of connection can be used in marketing campaigns – whether for a personal brand or for a client. It also offers plenty of top tips for users, covering everything from building contacts and creating articles to the importance of authenticity.

On the topic of generating leads, Dan says:

“In a content-saturated age, connection-only features like non-paid messaging, or viewing the activity of connections so you can engage with them, are very powerful tools that many people forget about.

“These features, paired with content marketing efforts, can give marketers and business development professionals a well-rounded upper hand when it comes to lead generation.”

Click here to read the full article on PRMoment

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