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Driving leads and awareness with our own pair of Wallys

As a full-service b2b tech PR and marketing agency, we’re constantly looking for ways to differentiate our brand from the competition and reach the right audience. This has become more of a challenge as the industry has developed – with more agencies than ever fighting for attention.

To tackle this issue, we launched an international brand awareness and lead generation campaign built around the concept of ‘Where’s Wally/Waldo?’ – designed to help us stand out in a crowded market and cement our status as a leading international b2b tech agency.


Brand awareness

We secured media coverage in multiple PR and marketing trade publications, including Creative Brief’s BITE and IPRA. This drove brand awareness by getting our name and message in front of the right people.

Driving new business

We added 40 new marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to our CRM from top tier b2b enterprise technology companies.

Social impact

The campaign generated significant attention and engagement on key social channels. On LinkedIn we saw a 75% increase in unique visitors, a 684% increase in new followers and a 1,390% increase in post impressions. This was replicated on Twitter, where profile visits, impressions and mentions increased by 47%, 72% and 88% respectively.

Reaching the right audience

Our account-based marketing strategy built awareness and recognition with the right companies and job titles on our prospect list – senior marketing and communications decision-makers at global b2b technology brands.

As our two core objectives were to raise brand awareness and generate new business leads, we based our campaign around a key challenge facing today’s b2b tech brands: Finding Your Prospect.

With the landscape becoming increasingly hectic and complex, many brands struggle to identify where their prospects are – ie which channels they’re going to for information – and lack the insights to inform their audience engagement strategies.

This spurred the creation of our ‘Find Your Prospect’ campaign. Playing on the concept of ‘Where’s Wally/Waldo?’, it centered around educating brands on the changing world of b2b audience engagement and lead generation. The focal point was a cartoon illustration that hid our two ‘Wallys’ – ie our clients’ prospects, fondly named Lottie and Laurie – in a crowded scene. We then created a blog, landing page and a series of LinkedIn and Twitter posts to promote the illustration and ask people to locate the hero prospect characters.

Alongside the illustration, we wrote and designed an educational ebook to help b2b marketers evaluate the best strategies to engage with their prospects. The ebook provided a three-step process on how to generate leads, outlining the best audience engagement practices and key considerations for pushing prospects through the sales funnel. It included insights from our global PR network, Convoy, as well as some of our key clients.

We then rolled out an integrated promotional plan designed to send our message far and wide across digital and traditional PR channels. We promoted the ebook on social media, drove traffic to the landing page through PPC lead-gen forms, and drafted a series of thought leadership articles based around the theme of audience engagement. We pitched these articles to key marketing trade publications to further drive brand awareness.

Finally, we translated the ebook into Spanish and promoted it through out Spanish and Latin American Convoy partners, further extending the reach of the campaign to an international audience.

This combination of activities drove significant interest. The educational ebook and thought leadership content highlighted our industry expertise, while the ‘Where’s Wally/Waldo?’ inspired illustration provided a point of differentiation and drove engagement with our target audience.

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