Lead Generation



The campaign

Straight-talking communications deliver business gains

To stand out in a low-cost, low-margin landscape we told the MeetingZone story without talking tech – through engaging company values, new global messaging, and a straight-talking, customer-focused tone of voice.

We created new website content and marketing materials. We implemented an integrated communications campaign across marketing, customer service, HR and operations. And we delivered more personalised and engaging experiences to its customers, resulting in a surge in new business leads.

The Results

Better brand penetration

Consistent website and marketing content and a strong, unified corporate message motivated prospects, customers and employees to interact across channels.

Improved customer and employee experience

Joined-up communications across customer and staff journeys delivered a better, more cohesive brand experience for customers and employees alike.

Uplift in media coverage

We gained a 249% increase in print and online coverage in one year through features, tips, blogs and social media across vertical media. We positioned MeetingZone executives as experts, placing them into the Washington Post, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, IT Pro and Computer Weekly.

Lead generation

New branding led to a 100% increase in lead generation across US and German websites, 70% more dwell time on the main site, and a 15% reduction in the bounce rate.

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