Imprivata OGiTiX


Imprivata OGiTiX: Transforming the DACH healthcare mainstream

The challenge 

Newly formed German company Imprivata OGiTiX was ready to take its place as a leading identity and access management platform. But a few things stood in the way. The concept of ‘digital identity management’ wasn’t widely understood in the healthcare market, let alone in its target region (DACH). Secondly, as a new brand, Imprivata OGiTiX and its executives were relatively little-known. And lastly, those that did know the company thought of it as a point solution provider, not a suite of products. 


Delivered 94.5% tier 1 coverage

Exceeded targets with an exceptionally high volume of tier 1 coverage, putting the Imprivata OGiTiX brand and its suite of solutions in front of the widest possible number of decision-makers. 

Caught the attention of key national newspapers

Published two bylines in the German national daily newspaper Tagesspiegel that educated a wide audience on digital identity management, establishing German spokespeople as credible thought leaders.

Gathered much-needed data to pique media interest

Realizing we needed data to cut through the noise, we hit the show floor at a key digital healthcare event to conduct visitor surveys assessing the digital maturity of DACH healthcare facilities. This sparked conversations on digital identity management and gave us a pool of data with which to engage media.  

Secured 38 pieces of coverage

Secured 15 news articles, 19 thought leadership pieces, 2 shared articles and 2 interviews in 18 months, boosting brand awareness.

How we did it 

Goal: Boost knowledge of digital identity in the healthcare market 

Goal: Promote Imprivata OGiTiX’s suite of solutions 

Goal: Establish the Imprivata OGiTiX executives as expert thought leaders 

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The lorries are creative, quick-thinking and ambitious. But most importantly, they’re also a pleasure to work with. We trust them implicitly, whether they’re navigating technical sourcing calls with senior spokespeople, supporting us in-person at crucial tradeshows or anything in-between!

Leslie Keil - VP of brand, digital and communications Imprivata

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