FemTech Lab



Shining the spotlight on female health and wellness innovation

FemTech Lab is Europe’s first FemTech-focused start-up accelerator. Its recently-established biannual 12-week program helps rising stars take their products to market and raise funding by providing access to world-class experts and resources.

For the uninitiated, FemTech encompasses software, diagnostics and products related to women’s health and wellness. This space has traditionally been underfunded and underprioritized by investors – an injustice that FemTech Lab’s founders are on a mission to put right.


Brand awareness

In total, we secured 16 pieces of coverage for FemTech Lab in our inaugural six months of working together, significantly raising the brand awareness of the organization at an early stage in its growth. This coverage generated 385,500 online coverage impressions, significantly extending FemTech Lab’s reach and presence.

Raising the profile

We boosted the profile of FemTech Lab’s founders by securing five interviews and three bylines in relevant media – including an interview in Medical Technology magazine by Verdict. Plus, we ensured Katia’s inclusion in Vivo’s 2021 ‘Top 30 Rising Leaders in the Life Sciences’ list, raising her profile within the wider MedTech community.

Social media amplification

Our social media amplification efforts secured 116,800 impressions of FemTech Lab’s coverage, boosting its online presence. Notably, the Guardian feature gained 960 social media engagements, and Katia’s inclusion in Vivo’s Rising Leaders in the Life Sciences list gained 793.

Supporting start-ups

Coverage highlights for some of FemTech Lab’s Spring cohort included features in the Guardian (WorryTree and Aurat Raaj), JP Morgan’s Tech for Good magazine (Aurat Raaj), Med-tech Innovation (Fertility Circle), and Startups Magazine (MyMilkLab and Selectivity). The Guardian article also featured comments from FemTech Lab’s founders, Katia and Karina – positioning them as key drivers in the FemTech space.

Our primary objective was to raise the profile of FemTech Lab and amplify its credibility within the female health market, enabling it to attract the best and most innovative start-ups and investors. As the organization had only been operating for less than 12 months, we were starting from a position of low brand awareness.

We wanted to position FemTech Lab as a fresh and unique accelerator program and a disruptor to the healthcare and tech sectors. Plus, it was important for us to clearly convey FemTech Lab’s core mission – to improve the lives of women everywhere.

Our secondary aim was to position FemTech Lab’s co-founders, Katia Lang and Karina Vazirova, as thought leaders in FemTech, MedTech and entrepreneurship.

In our inaugural six-month pro-bono campaign, we took a multi-pronged approach. First, we wanted to raise awareness of the program itself, which was less than a year old. We did this by announcing the FemTech Lab Spring cohort to the media, which generated much-needed excitement and buzz.

To position the FemTech Lab team as thought leaders, we drafted a series of content themes to pitch to the media, drawn from their research and insights. This strategy incorporated Q&As and timely open letters highlighting FemTech Lab’s stance on the UK Department of Health and Social Care’s consultation on women’s health strategy.

We also focused on pitching bylined pieces by Katia and Karina, discussing the lack of investment in women’s health – a notable barrier to driving innovation forwards. By being vocal on the challenges experienced by many start-ups, we were able to position FemTech Lab as a credible partner that understands this landscape inside-out.

Secondly, we implemented a social media strategy to spread the word about FemTech Lab’s activities and expand its reach. This included providing analysis into high-performing social media hashtags and drafting posts for LinkedIn and Twitter to accompany each coverage piece.

Finally, we supported specific start-ups from the FemTech Lab Spring cohort – including Aurat Raaj, Fertility Circle, WorryTree, Selectivity and MyMilk Labs – in increasing their media outreach. By showcasing the quality of these start-ups to the media, we further demonstrated FemTech Lab’s credibility. Our UK director Hannah Patel also gave communications training to all founders. These sessions were designed to equip them with the skills to begin building their own marketing and PR programmes to attract investment and customers.

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