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Founded in 2007, is a growing technology consultancy that delivers a range of technical services to help businesses maximize their digital performance. From cloud and devops support to performance and digital engineering,’s team of experts is focused on making technology work better for clients in the retail, finance and media sectors.

With the stage set for a new creative campaign, was faced with the challenge of getting its message and content in front of the right people in a very competitive market. As well as driving brand awareness, the campaign had to be impactful enough to generate leads and conversations with the target audience.


Hitting the target

The ebook was downloaded 88 times, generating quality leads from users at high-profile retail brands such as Ted Baker, Sainsbury’s, Frasers Group and Marks & Spencer.

Spreading the word

The campaign generated 152,000 impressions on LinkedIn and led to a 34% increase in LinkedIn followers, including decision-makers at the likes of Tesco, Moonpig and Harrods.

Directing traffic

The campaign was geared towards driving traffic to key touchpoints, resulting in 534 blog reads on Medium and 1600 unique views of the landing page.

Personal branding

Employee shares of content helped to build the brand and create leads, including Emirates and Chelsea Football club. One post drove 3,400 views, 131 reactions and 56 comments on LinkedIn.

In the race to go digital during Covid-19, a key pain point emerged for retail brands: website speed and performance. As the pandemic accelerated the shift to online shopping, many brands discovered that their websites were not performing optimally, raising the risk of lost customers and revenue.

In response to this issue, gathered data from the UK’s leading eCommerce sites and presented it as a Page Speed leader board to rank how companies were performing. The goal was for this to be supplemented with long-form content to drive awareness and leads.

They key objectives were:

We developed an 8-week plan featuring a range of content and promotional activities across key channels to ensure that the content and the brand would be seen by the right people. This started with an educational blog outlining the pagespeed issue facing brands, followed by a landing page displaying the leader board, an in-depth ebook and a sales offer.

By staggering the content in this way and targeting it at similar audiences, we were able to engage prospects with an ongoing pipeline of content. This built trust, making it more likely that they would move through the sales cycle and turn into leads.

We targeted LinkedIn ads by job function and by target companies, experimenting with the messaging to deliver the biggest impact. We focused on emotive messages that created a sense of urgency and positioned as industry experts.

These ads were supplemented by LinkedIn InMails, organic social posts and video teasers from the company and employee social feeds, providing a consistent drumbeat of engaging content to spread the message as far and wide as possible.

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry helped us reach our goals and much more. The team brought a collaborative approach added to their detailed knowledge and data-driven insight every step of the way. Working with the lorries has helped us make a significant and positive change to the way we do marketing and lead generation at

Steve Morris - Design strategy lead

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