The campaign

Revamped communications drive higher customer satisfaction and better service

We elevated service and customer satisfaction throughout all of the car-maker’s customer and dealer centres by creating a new tone of voice and revamping all customer communications.

We ran workshops with senior stakeholders to understand Citroen’s business, brand and values. We analysed customer research to find out how the organisation was perceived. We then developed a new voice to match those values and a suite of communications across the organisation to steer perceptions.

The Results

Customer satisfaction

Citroen experienced a 200% rise in positive customer feedback communication.

Service success

Satisfied customers rose from 74% to 82% in the first eight months of the program.

Industry rankings

The company moved from 6th to 2nd average ranking in the BPA report on automotive call-handling.

Internal morale

A new, more approachable tone and more efficient processes led to better contact centre morale and happier advisors.

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