InfoComm 2023 – Will you find your prospects?

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On May 30, 2023


The lorries are headed to InfoComm 2023! And this year, we’re not letting anyone get their hands on our amazing eBook. Nobody. You hear that, fellow AV tech marketers looking to identify prospects?  

Keep your digital hands off our treasure! 

We didn’t spend 20 years helping our b2b clients identify and engage with prospects for lead generation and business growth (and then writing down our approach in an orderly yet playful eBook with a hilarious ‘Where’s Waldo?’ theme) just to give it all away for nothing.  

So just…close your eyes while we figure out how to disable the free download feature. Instead, why don’t we focus on having a good time at InfoComm 2023? Yes, that’s what we’ll do. 

InfoComm 2023: AV event of the year 

InfoComm is a fantastic showcase of the AV industry’s latest and greatest innovations. You get to see the newest tech and solutions, learn loads of different AV tactics and strategies, and most importantly, expand your network. We’re super excited to see what this legendary US tradeshow has in store this year. And we’re especially keen to immerse ourselves in the latest virtual reality experiences, virtual production, digital signage and displays, conferencing and collaboration tools. Not to mention learning more about new categories such as ‘retailtainment’.  

Plus, all the big AV brands will be there. And the lorries. Did we mention that? 

Note for AV tech marketers 

Oh, and don’t forget that InfoComm represents an excellent opportunity to identify prospects! Finding and engaging with prospects – and guiding them through the sales funnel – is super difficult these days, so it’s critical that we seize the day at events like these.  

With fewer journalists covering a rapidly expanding AV industry, and brands competing for attention across a growing number of cluttered digital channels, navigating b2b marketing and comms can sometimes feel like walking through the jungle at night. But there are still tons of opportunities to stand out. If you know how and where to look, that is. 

We do. We have the eBook (that we’ve expressly forbidden you to read). But if you’re going to InfoComm 2023 and happen to stumble upon lorry representative Martin, he might share a secret or two. He loves talking about b2b marketing and PR, so he’d be happy to have a chat or connect on LinkedIn. 

Unless you’re a thief, of course. 

Download ‘Find Your Prospect’ here.  

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