Unlock your guide to international PR success

Unlock your guide to international PR success
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Anyone who’s ever had to build a global brand or run an international PR and marketing campaign will know that doing so effectively is extremely hard work.

There’s a huge amount that needs to be taken into account for international PR success. Driving a consistent corporate story has to be balanced with the needs and nuances of local markets, media environments and cultures. Messaging has to be adapted for different regions and tactics that work in one country, might not be as effective elsewhere.

There are also plenty of common misconceptions that can hinder businesses when entering into a new region. Asia-Pacific is a prime example, as Kunalan Chakravarthy, Chief Executive of Singapore-headquartered communications agency Priority Consultants, explains: “Brands tend to underestimate how diverse the region is. Too many fall into the trap of treating all countries in the region the same, rather than considering the vast cultural differences between them and how the local markets and media operate.”

Then there’s Japan, where one of the key challenges brands come up against is the ever-changing roster of journalists: “Journalists tend to change jobs and beats relatively frequently, making it hard for tech businesses to build up personal rapports,” explains Yukiko Harada, managing director of boutique communications agency TrainTracks. “A journalist could be heading up the agriculture division one day, and writing about enterprise IT the next!”

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With so much to think about, it’s clear that entering a new region takes time, experience and detailed planning. Most importantly, it also requires an in-depth understanding of local markets.

So, we spoke to several key agency partners from our global PR network Convoy and gathered their expert insights into one all-encompassing ‘myth-busting’ eBook. Click the link below to download your free copy and discover how to maximize the effectiveness of your international campaigns.

Download the free eBook

Need help in achieving international PR success? Get in touch by emailing hello@rlyl.com to learn how our Convoy network can help build your brand internationally.

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