SGO: Kickstarting lead generation

The challenge 

SGO came to the lorries with one challenge – needing to drive leads to promote its VR stitching software Mistika. Given today’s busy and competitive VR market, it needed a bulletproof, targeted strategy to cut through the noise. 


Boosted webstore traffic to 25,000 users in six months

Ignited a surge in traffic to the Mistika VR webstore, drawing in hundreds of potential customers.   

Converted 325 customers in our first quarter

We hit the ground running, securing 325 conversions in three short months.   

5% conversion rate from a non-brand campaign

Achieved high conversion rates that exceeded industry benchmarks by ~2%.  

A smart PPC strategy, halving CPC

Thanks to constant optimisation and a commitment to creating high-quality assets, we reduced cost per click (CPC) by 54% throughout the quarter.

How we did it 
To see how our PPC and SEO expertise can make your brand stand out from the crowd, get in touch. 

RLYL's expertise in PPC planning and optimisation, coupled with the imaginative approach to creating engaging content proved invaluable to our digital marketing strategy.

Eva Panjan - Marketing manager SGO

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