Avid: Bringing the ‘Avid everywhere’ vision to life

The challenge 

Avid, the powerhouse behind the scenes of top film, TV and music production, wanted to evolve its brand perceptionfrom content creation tools provider to a digital media innovator. Our job was to make a worldwide splash 


210% increase in headline articles

Educated the market about product innovations, new content workflows and IT best practices re-defining the media industry, leading to a 148% increase in top-tier headline articles. 

26.6% increase in earned coverage

Enhanced the quality and reach of media engagement with a 17.1% increase in tier-one coverage. 

Secured national coverage

Landed coverage in leading national print, online and broadcast outlets such as The Independent, CNBC’s Mad Money, Bloomberg TV and Barron’s. 

Transformed public perception

Changed the perception of Avid from a company focused on individual products to a common platform solving media workflow issues. We turned editors and sound pros from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Everest, The Martian and more to bring the story to life. 

How we did it 
To see how we can help your brand cut through the noise, get in touch. 

We completely trust the lorries to do the right thing. Their global team goes above and beyond, whether securing media coverage, developing quality content, or providing strategic advice. We value their industry insights, proactivity and understanding of the story we want to tell - and can always count on the team’s responsiveness and flexibility.

Jim Sheehan - VP Corporate Communications Avid

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