Focused Energy


Focused Energy: From unknown to unstoppable

The challenge 

Promoting an emerging technology like laser-driven nuclear fusion can be tough. Especially when the tech remains unproven at scale. This is the challenge Focused Energy faced, as it struggled to make an impact in the U.S. With a smart strategy that included educating journalists and timely newsjacking, we helped it land with a bang.  


Blended reactivity and proactivity to garner 300+ million total impressions

By riding existing market momentum while maintaining ‘slow burn’ media relationships, we landed 130 pieces of earned coverage in our first six months. This included 29 pieces of rapid response coverage in a single month following a major scientific breakthrough.

17 briefing opportunities

We gained 17 briefing and commentary opportunities. This enabled Focused Energy to educate journalists at outlets including CNBC, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and New York Times, as well as science and business trades. We also organised a press tour of Focused Energy’s Texas lab. 

The go-to experts on laser-driven nuclear fusion

Thanks to the lab tour and our strategy of securing press briefings, we began receiving inbound requests from top-tier business press like the Washington Post and Bloomberg for information on laser-driven nuclear fusion.

Helped our client become a U.S. flagship fusion projects

Momentum created from our campaign contributed to the U.S. DoE’s decision to select Focused Energy as one of ten flagship fusion projects. 

How we did it 

We needed to educate journalists and inspire them with nuclear fusion’s potential to create unlimited green energy. To do this, we:  

An award-winning campaign 
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