Turning a young disruptor into a prominent regional player

Based in the UAE, Bayzat is a software provider that helps companies transform their operations by automating and enhancing their insurance, payroll and HR processes. Its cloud-based platform also gives businesses unprecedented access to work, finance, medical and physical and mental wellness benefits – driving long-term engagement and loyalty as part of a world-class employee experience.

As a start-up competing against some well-established international HR brands, Bayzat was faced with the challenge of establishing and growing its market share in the UAE. The key focus was getting its message in front of the right audiences in order to drive business growth at a time when HR became more important than ever.


Generating leads

Our PPC campaigns generated on average 30-50+ leads per month. These were driven mainly from Google and LinkedIn, and were passed on to the sales team.

Supporting sales

Milestone sales and marketing content packages including eBooks and guides provided regular hooks for the sales teams to raise awareness and open doors with new business prospects.

Creating content

Our two milestone ebooks generated more than 300 downloads. Supporting content generated 3,200 impressions with an average click through rate of 1.76% and an average engagement rate of 3.24%.

Engaging the media

Our Convoy partner, Procre8, generated more than 50 pieces of coverage throughout the campaign, with 95% coming in top tier business and tech publications. These included UAE Business Review, Arabian Business and Intelligent SME.

At the start of the campaign, our primary objective was to build awareness of the Bayzat brand across its ideal customer profile (ICP) – primarily CEOs, business leaders and HR decision-makers within the UAE region. We were also tasked to:

As part of our 12-month campaign, we started by reviewing all existing customer and market insights, content, and campaign performance. We also carried out an in-depth audit of Bayzat’s paid media channels, all of which enabled us to establish and define a 2021 growth marketing and content strategy.

Next, we interviewed several of Bayzat’s internal experts related to all areas of its product offering – HR, insurance and payroll – to gain insights into its key messaging and target customers. We used these insights to develop a comprehensive buyer persona guide and three strategic content themes linked to the company’s core value proposition. These themes were:

With this in place, we were ready to kickstart the two core pillars of our integrated brand positioning and lead generation campaign:

  1. Digital marketing

We developed a robust paid media marketing plan for brand awareness and lead gen based on Bayzat’s target audiences and keywords. At the same time, we carried out daily management, monitoring and optimisation of all paid media ads across PPC and social channels for all lines of business.

This included:

Our PPC campaigns included a mix of Google Search, Google Display, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns. We also continuously AB tested campaigns to balance the budget allocation of ‘always on’ campaigns and ‘test & learn’ initiatives, enabling us to target audiences with more impactful content as the campaign progressed.

  1. Content creation

Using our content themes, we developed quarterly pieces of milestone content designed to educate target audiences and provide practical industry insights that businesses could use to transform their HR operations. Examples include a guide to delivering world-class employee experiences and an insurance toolkit taking readers through the eight key stages of the insurance journey.

Each piece of content included multiple promotional and sales support assets, including organic and paid social posts, LinkedIn InMail templates, landing page copy and supporting blogs. We then supplemented this milestone content with regular thought leadership blog content and organic social posts to promote Bayzat’s key messaging and help position the company as an industry expert. This mix of long-form and short-form educational content provided a focal point for paid media campaigns, enabling us to target prospective customers with compelling content in order to build awareness and drive MQLs.

Finally, we tapped into our global partner group, Convoy, for local PR and media engagement support. We brought Procre8, our Dubai-based partner agency, onboard to deliver a localised media communications strategy based on our content themes and buyer personas.

The Procre8 team repurposed existing materials, created new content based on Bayzat’s messaging and took advantage of Bayzat’s proprietary data. The team used a combination of press releases, thought leadership articles and media briefings to engage target publications and insert the Bayzat brand into industry conversations.

Having access to local market and sector experts ensured maximum impact, helping to cement Bayzat’s position as a rising player in the UAE HR market.

As a relatively young company with ambitious growth plans, we needed a dynamic agency that could provide the insights and support to help take us to the next level. The lorries definitely fit the bill – from digital marketing strategy to content creation and campaign execution, they have become a valuable extension of our marketing team.

Brian Habibi - Co-founder & CMO Bayzat

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