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On September 11, 2023


With just a few weeks to go until the lorries take their 20th anniversary celebrations to Amsterdam for IBC2023, we asked the media tech team what they’re looking forward to seeing or doing at this year’s show. And of course, their favourite non-IBC thing to do or see in Amsterdam. 

Martin Izzard, head of media tech / PR practice lead: 

I got into PR and marketing for the media tech industry because of the tech bit. I love going to shows like IBC to see the innovations and the interesting tech that exhibitors are launching. So that’s what I’m most looking forward to getting out of this year’s IBC show. 

I’m expecting to see software being integrated more and more with large language AI models. We’ve seen AI being rolled out across the industry for several years, always going into that debate of artificial intelligence vs automation. But the large language models popularised by the likes of ChatGPT I think is going to prove a really interesting asset in production, especially for metadata and post-production management. 

And of course, the deployment of real-time engines for broadcast media is especially interesting and something we’ll for sure see plenty of. Virtual studios, or virtual production, has been the hot topic for a few years now, but what I want to see this year is much more accessible versions of those technologies. There’s a whole range of productions that can benefit from VP, but it’s not going to be possible if it’s only accessible to those with the deepest pockets. 

Our clients are always playing key roles in all these latest tech trends and part of what we provide to them are key insights into how the wider industry is talking about those hot topics. This year is no different, so doing that research, talking to exhibitors and seeing the latest demos is really key. 

Fav place in Amsterdam. 

My favourite place to go in Amsterdam? Probably Cafe de Klos. It’s obviously really well known, but for good reason. They do the best ribs in Amsterdam, and some of the best I’ve ever had.

Rob Ettridge, Chief Operating Officer / UK Director: 

What shows like IBC have always provided are the chance to connect and reconnect with people. It’s great to have a time in the calendar where we know everyone in broadcast and mediatech is going to be in the same place. 

We use the show to meet with clients, the media, partners, friends and colleagues, something which is all the more important in today’s landscape of remote and flexible working. That’s what I’ve always looked forward to at each IBC. It’s going to be especially good to connect with people at this year’s show because it’s the lorries’ 20th birthday, and that means the lorries’ 20th time at IBC – although to be fair I’ve done a few more than that!! 

Fav place in Amsterdam. 

That’s on a need-to-know basis! No seriously, I just enjoy a beer or two by a canal with friends at a neighbourhood bar.

Chelsea, senior account manager 

I’m fascinated by change in this industry. 

Since starting out as a trade journalist back in 2018, things that were once amorphous concepts have become very real, tangible pieces of technology. AI, for example, who’d have thought it’d be able to write this sentence? It didn’t, by the way, but it could’ve. I can’t wait to discover the latest buzz around what’s next to shape the production landscape. With all the tools now at our disposal, who’s to say we won’t all be content creators by this time next year? Or, maybe 3D will reinvent itself as a one-hit-wonder and have a revival (let’s hope not). Either way, it’s fun to be theoretical because I have no doubt that someone with technical aptitude is somewhere watching me write this.

That said, let’s move onto concepts that are indeed reachable. IBC has a full suite of seminars to attend this year but my hotpicks are as follows. 

Of course, you’ve got to check out the keynote. This year, it’ll be delivered by Marco Tempest who’ll be talking all-things virtual production and the metaverse, giving us a glimpse at how AI, mixed reality, storytelling and gestural sensing will transform content production. Then, you’ll want to find out how all this tech can be used responsibly with Alexandra Hussenot’s seminar on how we can ensure unbiased usage and ethical adoption. After some good karma, I’d recommend checking out Keith Buckley’s presentation on achieving centralisation in a decentralised production environment. This is probably most valuable for producers – but also just anyone who’s curious as to how on earth we’re balancing an increased demand for content, with lower budgets and remote teams. Have a great IBC!

Fav place in Amsterdam. 

Is this suitable for work? Just kidding. I love the Rijksmusuem. 

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