Lorries tackle IT buzzwords with the CIPR

Hannah Patel PR

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On September 7, 2016

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London lorry Valerio Rossetti has spoken to the CIPR this month about how to avoid tech PR buzzwords bandwagon. Over the last three months we’ve been talking to tech journalists, analysts and IT companies about the marketing buzzwords they’re tired of hearing. Valerio’s article this month expands upon his discussion last month with the CIPR and explores how to avoid the meaningless buzzwords that so many IT companies cling to in their marketing materials.


Valerio’s article shares some of our recommendations, saying:

“One of the biggest problems with IT buzzwords is that they often make sense to the businesses that use them, but they are not always immediately obvious to customers, who can find them quite confusing. This makes it difficult for IT companies to see the problem for what it is. After all, ‘Big Data’ is obviously about data… that’s big and stuff.

Most buzzwords start off as useful descriptions of an idea or service but tend to evolve into something more complex and confusing with time. No one sets out to confuse customers or put them off, but businesses need to be mindful of how things can change to make sure they are not unintentionally creating a barrier between themselves and customers.”

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