The new VFX landscape – how to reach your target audience

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On April 22, 2022


Over the last few years, a tangible shift in the media & entertainment industry has seen a huge boom in one sector in particular: VFX. 

There’s more of a need for the highest-quality visual effects than there’s ever been thanks to several factors. These include:

These are all contributing to the end users of VFX technology, or the customers hiring VFX studios, looking different to how they did several years ago. 

An evolving landscape

Competition is stiff in today’s streaming landscape. Every media owner, broadcaster and movie studio now has their own direct to consumer (DTC) service. So, as they all fight to stay in the conversation, there’s a consistently growing demand for high-quality programming. 

This is the case both for TV or episodic projects and movie franchises – even theme park worlds and attractions. IPs have long been king, but having a property that engages with audiences is now a vital part of the entertainment landscape and as a result, the VFX world. 

You can see proof of this in Amazon’s investment into the Wheel of Time or Lord of the Rings, Netflix purchasing the rights to produce The Witcher, and the flagship content for Disney+ coming from Marvel Studios and Star Wars. All of this programming needs to not only give fans more access to the fictional worlds they love, but also be beautifully made. Ultimately, it must mirror the high-quality visuals we see on the big screen. 

It’s therefore no surprise that VFX production has long been characterised by constant innovation. There’s a long history of new techniques being recognised by technical awards all the likes of The Oscars and the VES Awards. 

And the last few years have seen the biggest strides forwards with new filmmaking techniques. Real-time VFX, virtual production and LED volumes are being used with increased frequency to provide creatives with the best tools to produce content of the highest quality, regardless of the eventual screen size.

How to address the shift

All of this has had – and will continue to have – a huge impact on the VFX landscape. As it does, we know that you – the VFX industry’s marketeers – are keeping up with the changing face of your potential customer base.

But engaging them in the right way is where it gets tricky. To provide a helping hand in connecting with them, we’ve put together a brand new resource; our ‘Wish you were here?’ ebook to arm you with the tools you need.

You know the destination; here’s how to get there. Download the eBook now.

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