Lorry COVID-19 quarantine confessions: the results are in

Rebecca Burgess

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On June 30, 2020


Here’s a sentence I was hoping to type back in March: the world is starting to edge closer to normality.

Now, I use the word ‘normality’ loosely. I don’t think the world will ever truly be ‘normal’ again as we’ve grown to appreciate the small things (hand sanitizer included) and gain new perspectives on what really matters and what doesn’t. But, with COVID-19 lockdown restrictions slowly being lifted in several countries, it’ll certainly feel good to slowly but surely resume parts of my pre-pandemic life (whatever that was; it’s been too long but I know it included the pub).

While the world came to a dramatic halt, the lorries jumped headfirst into working from home – leaving our offices and colleagues (sob) for our makeshift home offices, pets’ company and loungewear. As well as documenting our experiences on Twitter under the #LorriesWFH hashtag, we’ve been holding quizzes, sharing large quantities of GIFs and videos on Slack, and having coffee mornings with the team over Zoom to keep ourselves sane. L.A. lorry Kerry spoke about what we’ve learnt so far and turned them into some tips, so check them out!

The subject of many of our conversations with clients and lorries alike has been how life has changed (shock). But the PR pros in us couldn’t settle with this topic being confined purely to verbal exchanges. We’re all about the proliferation of channels and storytelling, people! So, we conducted an anonymous survey internally to get some cold hard stats on how we’ve been spending quarantine – from our Netflix guilty pleasures to how many calls we’ve taken in our pyjama bottoms. It was time for us to confess our quarantine sins.

And the results are in. Some are shocking, some not so much. See our love of food, The Office and comfortable attire laid bare in the infographics below as we look back on what A Weird Time That Was – all for a bit of fun.

Let us know what you think over on Twitter @redlorrycomms. But be kind; our appreciation for a bar on wheels is not something we’re willing to budge on.

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