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Red Lorry Ye;llow Lorry Guest Blog Guidelines

Want your original content to feature on our blog? We’re now accepting your guest contributions! Have your article shared across our social platforms, keep your relevant links and be in with the chance of having your work included in our monthly round-up newsletter. Here are the key guidelines you need to follow to have your content accepted:

Topics we cover:
Audience and content:

Our audience comes first. Our core readers are in-house b2b PRs and marketers working in mid-to-large b2b technology businesses. Visitors are always interested in educational, opinionated or topical content. They also like practical advice that helps in reaching performance goals, digital marketing best practices or perhaps a cheat sheet to find b2b influencers. We ask that post authors are in relevant fields to their blog topics to make sure what is said can be backed up.

We’re always looking to profile industry pros who have either an interesting story to tell, valuable advice to give, or have insight into part of the industry that we don’t. That could be a trade show organiser, the founder of an innovative start-up, a journalist who covers a niche topic, or a creative director. This is the chance to get your voice heard.

Quality and originality

Like most blogs, we’re big on quality. We look for original, practical, real-world examples that show real data and real successes — we even like stories about failures and what’s been learnt from them. Please avoid anything overtly ‘salesy,’ but we’re happy to discuss including a backlink to your site if it provides benefit to our readers. We won’t republish the same article if it’s somewhere else online (and we check!) but we will accept modified content if it provides extra value and is specific to our audience.


500 words is our minimum. We love long-form content and most of our blog posts are between 900-1500 words, even though we accept higher.

Images and video

Please provide a PNG of the author so we can include it next to their name on the article. Please also send over any accompanying images as a jpg or png, ideally sized 1920 x 1080. If you’re including video it’s better if that’s already hosted somewhere like YouTube or Vimeo so we can embed it directly on the page. Just send it over as a link or attachment. To make sure your blog fits the design and overall feel of our site, we will create a cover image for you which will include the article’s title.

If you have any additional questions for us about guest blog submission please get in touch via our contact page.

To submit a guest blog, please email us at with your article, post images and author picture attached. Not all articles will be published, so make sure yours is relevant and high quality.

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