Complaints handling: we’ve got you covered

Complaints handling
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Do you handle complaints on a regular basis and want to build a wider understanding of the complaint handling process? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that UK travel trade association ABTA is hosting a Complaints Handling Workshop that will give attendees the skills and confidence to deal with complaints effectively.

Taking place on Thursday 4th July at the ABTA offices in London Bridge, the workshop will discuss best practices for responding to complaints across a variety of channels through a combination of group work, practical exercises and presentations. Attendees will learn how to manage conflicting behaviours and challenging customers, and receive guidance on how to deal with complaints in line with ABTA’s Code of Conduct.

And the even better news is that our very own UK director and presenter extraordinaire Hannah Patel will be speaking at the event. In her session entitled Customer communication – how words affect the customer journey,’ Hannah will offer her top tips for both written and verbal communication, as well as the most effective ways of saying “no” and “sorry” to customers.

Other notable speakers include Kim Daplyn, customer resolution manager at Travel Republic, and ABTA’s senior customer support manager Charles Fachiri.

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