2019 PR Predictions: what’s to come this year?

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On January 8, 2019

PR Predictions 2019

Welcome to 2019! As people return to work from their holidays, we’re firing on all cylinders, eager to see what this year brings. We sat down with some of our senior team members and asked them to get out their crystal ball to offer their 2019 PR predictions, and there’s definitely some exciting things to come.

Meredith L. Eaton, director of North America; Saskia Stolper, director of Germany and Errol Jayawardene, head of digital, sat down to discuss what you can expect to see from public relations in 2019, including AI, live video and open communications.

Artificial intelligence

As AI continues to grow, expect a lot more from it throughout 2019. Monitoring, reporting, and tracking are already developing through the use of AI, but as Meredith explains, you can expect it to branch out into areas such as content analysis and media monitoring. Journalist relations could be enhanced by new tools that are able to recognize chosen topics, so you can engage in real time with a writer’s latest work.

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Brand journalism and authentic communication

Communication and brand journalism could be key in 2019. As Saskia put it, it’s all about “open communication with stakeholders”. We’re seeing an ever-increasing amount of communication from brands, both internally and externally, so being authentic and open is likely to be key to success. This, along with a second wave of brand journalism, can be expected to power a brands message.

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Social media AI and live video

As you can tell from our 2019 PR predictions, it’s going to be a big year for artificial intelligence. Social media AI will continue to grow and develop, not only off the platforms, but on them too. Tools like Hootsuite and Crowdfire already have auto schedulers and we can expect them to get smarter throughout the year. You can expect further AI development on platforms like LinkedIn, giving advice around content and publishing, especially around PPC advertising. Last year LinkedIn (finally!) released its native video, which will add to the content medium’s ever-growing use.

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PR predictions 2019 roundup

By now you should be able to see that artificial intelligence is likely to have a big impact in 2019 as it continues to develop and grow. New tools and the further development of existing ones will be fuelled by AI, and PRs will need to quickly adapt to these changes to make the most out of the technology. Finally, communications will continue to become more and more transparent for brands, especially after Facebook’s bad PR year, which has pushed for greater openness in all areas.


Our three country directors (Meredith L. Eaton – North America, Saskia Stolper – Germany and Hannah Patel – UK) sat down together to share their predictions and a final big branch of technology came up: voice search.

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