Seismic: Crafting an enablement titan

The challenge 

Seismic, a leading U.S. sales enablement player, wanted to make a splash in the UK, Germany and France, where it was a relative newcomer. To complicate matters, the concept of ‘sales enablement’ was still poorly understood on this side of the Atlantic.  

Our challenge was threefold: 

  1. Raise awareness of Seismic as the industry leader in sales enablement. 
  2. Position Seismic’s c-suite and other executives as experts. 
  3. Address competitor threats by winning share of voice (SOV) and owning the term ‘sales enablement’.   


65% top-tier coverage

In the first two years of our program, we gained 311 total pieces of coverage, a whopping 203 pieces were top tier. 

3.5m online coverage views

Our localised thought leadership content built a media presence that captured the attention of millions of readers. 

Secured coverage with the heavy hitters

Landed media coverage with popular press, including Business Leader, Journal Du Net, ComputerWoche, Vertriebs Zeitung and more. 

Share of voice takeover

Before kicking off with the lorries, Seismic’s EMEA SOV was 0%. After our brand awareness and credibility campaign gained traction, this rose to 50%. 

How we did it 

Here’s how our strategy played out: 

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The lorries team has been a valuable communications partner as we’ve expanded into the competitive EMEA sales enablement market. From strategic advice to tactical execution, their creativity and professionalism have already delivered some impressive results that have helped grow the Seismic brand.

Winnie Palmer - EMEA head of marketing Seismic

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