The campaign

Turning a much-loved consumer app into a must-have enterprise security tool

Part of the LogMeIn family of brands, LastPass is a market-leading password management solution that removes the hassle of having to remember multiple different, complex passwords. Instead, users only have to remember one master password, with everything else stored in a secure online ‘vault’ protected by encryption and two-factor authentication.

With cyber security being one of the hottest topics in IT, the main challenge facing LastPass in the business world was to cut through the noise in a crowded marketplace. With the continued emergence of biometrics prompting many people to predict the imminent ‘death of the password,’ it was also important to communicate LastPass’ key messages on the value of strong passwords and multifactor authentication.

The results

Media coverage

We delivered an average of 60 pieces of coverage a quarter throughout the year — half in tier-one media — while achieving a 41% increase in trade media coverage across the UK, France and Germany.

National brand building

Writing engaging and timely comments in response to trending topics resulted in both national and trade coverage in the likes of The Daily Express, The Daily Telegraph, The Drum, and Computer Weekly.

Share of voice

In addition to tripling share of voice in tier-one media, we delivered a 31% greater share of voice over UK competitors and 55% over French and German competitors. We also surpassed message penetration goals, with 78% of key messages included in top-tier media.

Customer engagement

Importantly, we also delivered new business leads to LogMeIn, tracking a 46% increase in LastPass app downloads in the UK, France and Germany.

When acquired by LogMeIn in 2015, LastPass’ brand awareness was predominantly of its consumer offering, so our primary objective was to grow LastPass from being a consumer-focused app to a must-have tool for enterprise security. This required us to grow the business and build brand recognition in three different territories as part of an international campaign: the UK, France and Germany.

Although the objectives for each region were the same, there were some country-specific challenges to overcome. For example, the primary competitor in France has traditionally dominated the local media coverage due to the fact that it has French founders. This required us to design a flexible b2b campaign that could be tailored to the needs and interests of local media publications in the respective regions.

Through a combination of opinion articles, newsjacking and proactive media engagement, we developed a narrative that positioned LastPass as the only brand with the ability to provide effortless security for businesses and consumers alike. Examples of content themes include the ‘digital afterlife’ initiative and the ‘psychology of passwords’ campaign, both of which helped to build momentum and awareness across IT departments and the wider community.

From a newsjacking point of view, we established LastPass executives as thought leaders by drafting country-specific responses to news events (such as hacks or cyber-attacks) and engaging tier one media on hot industry topics. We also created localised comments for global events such as World Password Day to further raise the profile of LastPass executives.

Finally, our thought leadership campaign involved running a comprehensive reviews programme to get LastPass into the hands of selected journalists and generate positive coverage in key publications.

Throughout our time working with LogMeIn, we successfully transformed the LastPass brand, growing it from a disruptive password innovator into the leading enterprise security product it is today. This is clearly shown in the quantity and quality of media coverage generated, and the success of our reviews programme, all of which helped to make LastPass one of the most popular password management tools on the market.

The lorries have a deep understanding of how to help us creatively achieve our PR goals. They are an extension of our own internal team and deliver nothing short of top-notch work.

Lauren Christopherson - Senior PR manager LogMeIn

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