The Campaign

Giving a voice to sufferers of degenerative disorders through medtech innovation

INSIGHTEC is an Israeli-headquartered medical technology (medtech) company helping people suffering from Essential Tremor (ET) – the most common movement disorder in the U.S., affecting more than 7 million people. It has developed a revolutionary, non-invasive neurosurgery treatment, which uses MRI-guided focused ultrasound to identify and remove targets deep in the brain without the need for surgical incisions.

After receiving FDA approval, the main challenges facing INSIGHTEC as a brand were to convince key industry stakeholders of the importance of doing more to tackle ET and reposition itself as a U.S.-focused innovator in the medtech sector.

The Results

Brand repositioning

Successfully repositioned INSIGHTEC as a U.S. med-tech innovator, ensuring the media highlighted the company’s work in various U.S. treatment centers; $150 million in funding from Koch Disruptive Technologies; credible technology partnerships with companies like General Electric; and ongoing clinical FDA trials for a variety of neural disorders.

Medicare coverage

Influenced both consumers and medical providers by building their trust, helping INSIGHTEC secure Medicare coverage in 16 states, with 22 additional states having issued positive draft Local Coverage Determination notices for further expansion as of early 2019, thus giving more ET patients access to this ground-breaking technology.

Generating national attention

Secured 24 pieces of unique coverage in medical trades and regional broadcast, print and online media that educated these markets on the company and the technology. This momentum helped to secure 21 features in national media, including CNBC, Axios, Fortune and Reader’s Digest, as well as a national TV segment on The Doctors.

Industry validation

Raised INSIGHTEC’s profile as an innovator by securing multiple awards, including #1 Most Innovative Company in Israel by Fast Company, and a prestigious Prix Galien Award for Best Medical Technology.

INSIGHTEC commissioned the lorries to reach an audience of physicians, hospitals, investors, patients and their families. The most important objective was to reposition the INSIGHTEC brand away from an Israeli-founded, medical device company, to a U.S.-centric, health technology innovator. It also wanted to:

Creating buzz around INSIGHTEC’s revolutionary, incisionless surgery through top-tier media was a central strategy to achieving these objectives. Early on, however, we recognized that it would take a lot of groundwork to show notoriously sceptical national media that this was worth their attention.

So, we started out small by developing a grassroots campaign that focused on the work being done in local treatment centers. We researched the scale of ET and the wider impact it had on people beyond simple day-to-day living, such as self-esteem issues or the tendency to self-medicate with alcohol. This research helped us to:

We developed a patient reference program to identify candidates for PR and content opportunities who had undergone or were seeking treatment. These stories helped us understand how ET impacted their lives, enabling us to develop honest and authentic stories. We then targeted medical trades and regional broadcast, print and online media to build a foundation of coverage and demonstrate the technology’s real-world, life-saving impacts.

We also implemented an awards program to further validate INSIGHTEC’s innovation, and used social media to amplify talking points and spread further awareness. Engaging with patients and their families on Facebook, responding to questions about treatment and sharing helpful content to help people manage their condition, helped put pressure on Medicare contractors to provide coverage.

Using a combination of traditional and social media, patient blogs and awards, we successfully created a groundswell of support around ET. This included securing interest and briefings with national healthcare reporters, creating more than 30 million unique media impressions over the course of the campaign and nearly tripling INSIGHTEC’s share of voice among competitors.

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