Haivision: Ramping up brand awareness

The challenge 

Haivision, a provider of low-latency video streaming and encoding solutions, wanted to highlight its SRT protocol as a key product differentiator, believing that this would drive interest from prospects. To spread the message, we needed to prioritize delivering trade media coverage and showcasing its spokespeople as subject-matter experts.  


Over 90 pieces of trade media coverage

Secured over 90 pieces of trade media coverage in the first quarter. To maximise our impact, we looked outside Haivision’s ‘typical’ targets, expanding into new verticals, such houses of worship.  

Spokesperson profiling

We set up five briefings between trade media editors and Haivision’s technical experts in the first quarter. 

How we did it 
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We engaged with the lorries to build awareness of the Haivision brand across our key trade media for video, broadcast and enterprise technologies which the team were able to do quickly, delivering results from the first month. We think of the team as an extension of our marketing department and feel as though we always get great insight and recommendations from them as well as great results.

Jen Gazin - Director, content marketing and marketing campaigns Haivision

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