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Laying the building blocks for global growth

Foundamental is a global venture capital investor in construction and mining technology. It possesses deep industry knowledge of the workflows, stakeholders and commercialisation methods in construction markets around the globe, and is focused on investing in innovative companies that are disrupting the industry through technologies such as AI, virtual reality and the Internet of Things.

With the construction technology industry growing rapidly, Foundamental was faced with the challenge of establishing a tone of voice that would resonate with a very specific target audience, as well as positioning itself and its CEO as industry experts.


Raising the profile

By increasing the volume of posts, engaging with target influencers and adding a personal opinion to industry conversations, we were able to significantly increase the number of followers for the company’s CEO on both Twitter (38%) and LinkedIn (16%).

Brand awareness

Creating content based on the industry’s most prominent keywords and including a greater variety of posts helped the company reach a wider audience on social media, resulting in followers increasing by 10% on Twitter and 15% on LinkedIn.

Lead generation

Increased focus on insightful and educational social media posting from the CEO boosted relationships with decision-makers and led to direct leads being generated into the business each week.

Setting the tone

Developed a comprehensive tone of voice guide that enabled Foundamental and its employees to communicate with consistency and in a way that reflects the company’s personality in all marketing and sales content.

Our primary objective was to raise awareness of both Foundamental as a brand and its CEO by raising their profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter. Connected to this was the need to position the company as an industry trailblazer and the CEO as a sector expert across three target regions: North America, APAC and EMEA.

To achieve these goals, we first had to develop a tone of voice strategy that fit with the personality and style of the company. The tone of voice also had to resonate with the people it was trying to reach – specifically innovative construction and mining tech startups and the wider pool of venture capital investors.

After analysing the market and conducting an in-depth messaging session with the company’s leadership team, we developed a comprehensive playbook to help shape all future external communications. This was centred around five key brand personality traits and three tone of voice characteristics. We then carried out an audit of Fundamental’s existing content – including staff biographies, website copy and the company’s investment thesis – and applied this new tone of voice to ensure consistency.

The next stage of the project was a three-month integrated digital campaign which included content development, social media distribution and pay per click advertising. The project initially focused on making an impact on social media through a combination of weekly pre-planned content, reactive engagement and human-focused posts on LinkedIn and Twitter. We identified several key content themes, keywords, publications and industry influencers, all of which shaped the content we created to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the campaign.

Social listening and media monitoring tools enabled us to quickly react to relevant stories and insert Foundamental and its CEO into wider industry conversations by engaging with key the right people on the right channel. This helped to raise the awareness of both parties and increase followers, while positioning the CEO as a market thought leader who is at the forefront of innovation across the industry.

For the final pillar, we developed and implemented PPC campaigns to further increase awareness with the right people, drive traffic to the Foundamental website and support lead generation.

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