CYSAT: Creating a buzz around Europe’s only space cyber-security event

The challenge 

CYSAT is the biggest European event dedicated to cyber-security for the space industry. After a remote (pandemic era) first edition and a highly publicised second edition, the lorries had to build on existing excitement and persuade journalists to return to the show for a third time.  


Top-tier coverage in a flash

Secured 30+ pieces of coverage with tech, IT, business and general press in a two-month run-up period. 

Seen and heard internationally

Top-tier print, TV and radio coverage in four EMEA countriesFrance (Le Fiagaro, La Tribune, BFM TV), Germany (Heise, ZDNet, NZZ, WiWO), Italy (Wired, Sky TG24 TC, Space economy) and the UK (Infosecurity Magazine). 

Secured media partnerships

Secured multiple media partnerships to drive show attendance. This surpassed targets with 750 attendees.  

Created a figurehead

Cemented CYSAT director Mathieu Bailly as an authority on space cyber-security. 

How we did it 
 Are you a spacetech brand reaching for the stars? We can help – get in touch. 

We quickly decided to work with Red Lorry Yellow Lorry to help us develop CYSAT’s reputation. The agency was able to build pan-European communications (France, Germany, England and Italy) to publicise CYSAT and the entire European space industry attending the event. Relying on an agency whose clients already include major players in the cyber-security, space and defence sectors, as well as a network of international journalists experts in these fields, greatly contributed to the promotion and success of our event.

Alexandra Vaillant - Marketing director (organiser of CYSAT) CYSEC

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