The Campaign

Conquering Europe one block(chain) at a time

ConsenSys builds applications and solutions on the Ethereum network and has an ecosystem of over 50 companies operating in virtually every industry you can think of. Founded in 2015 by Joseph Lubin – who also co-founded the Ethereum blockchain – ConsenSys is one of the largest and fastest growing blockchain companies in the world, going from 600 employees to more than 1,100 in just over six months.

With confidence in the technology unsteady, along with a lack of understanding in the general public around how blockchain is changing multiple facets of business, the challenge facing ConsenSys was to build awareness and understanding by ‘demystifying’ blockchain in order to reach a wider European audience.

The Results

National exposure

With 19% of German coverage, 26% of UK coverage and more than half (52%) of French coverage coming from national publications, the reach and visibility of ConsenSys and its spokespeople has increased significantly.

Widespread coverage

698 pieces of media coverage delivered in tier 1 and 2 publications, with 33% in tier 1. This included the likes of The Independent, the BBC and ComputerWeekly in the UK; Süddeutsche Zeitung, Der Spiegel and Wired in Germany; and La Tribune, Le Figaro and Les Echos in France.

Increased brand recognition

After seven months of working with the company, there was a 35% increase in average monthly searches for ConsenSys on Google in the key target markets and a 378% increase in coverage in 2018 compared to the previous year.

Industry education

Strong message penetration was achieved by attending events and developing engaging storylines for briefings and written content, such as elevating the blockchain discussion away from the typical focus on bitcoin. This helped to raise ConsenSys’ profile in key markets and generate sales leads. For example, 25 qualified leads were generated at Davos and DevCon alone.

As its European PR agency, our primary objective was to build brand recognition of ConsenSys and help to drive adoption of the Ethereum blockchain (the blockchain supported by ConsenSys) in the UK, France and Germany.

To achieve this, our multi-territory media relations campaign focused on building awareness of ConsenSys and its key spokespeople across top-tier publications, industry verticals and crypto outlets. We applied storytelling to all our PR activities, thereby making blockchain technology, ConsenSys as a brand and its network of companies as relatable as possible. Content creation and proactive media engagement both formed key parts of our strategy, centred around four main themes:

Across all regions, ConsenSys was portrayed through its various subject matter experts, who were made accessible to media and industry influencers through one-to-one briefings, official speaking engagements at industry events and more intimate media and influencer gatherings in the form of breakfast and dinner events in Berlin and Paris.

As a result, awareness of ConsenSys in Europe increased significantly among key media and influencers. Driven by a combination of effective press office execution, profile-raising activities and using engaging, informative content to educate both media and potential customers, we helped put ConsenSys firmly on the European map.

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry has been a great support to us as we have expanded our European operations. The team has shown solid technical understanding and has fully grasped what we are trying to achieve, offering valuable strategic advice and raising awareness of our brand with exactly the right people.

Victoria Calmon - PR Manager EMEA ConsenSys

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