Blockchain Public Relations 101: the building blocks to success

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On October 18, 2018

Blockchain Public Relations: The building blocks to success

With the early hype now over, every company or startup in the blockchain industry needs to show its relevance to a broader audience than just the B2B and tech community. In this blog, we share first-hand insights on how companies and startups should communicate in order to make (their) blockchain technology an everlasting hit. Read on to discover the three pillars you need to base your blockchain public relations strategy on right now.

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Remember 2017, the year everyone was talking about blockchain and Bitcoin, even Joe Bloggs? Yes? Well, times have changed. People, meaning mostly journalists and influencers — we are here to talk about PR, after all — have turned their attentions to AI (again) and are no longer interested in just talking about blockchain for the sake of it.

But why is this? The main reason is that most people now understand the broad concepts of blockchain technology. They know it is complex, life-changing, disruptive, revolutionary, and that you could have become super rich if you had bought the right cryptocurrency five years ago (and not as rich if you kept it in 2018). The initial hype has died down, meaning conversations need to progress.

Now that the bubble is beginning to burst, it’s actually a good time for many blockchain companies and startups to get going with their blockchain PR. Quite simply, the question of what to make of cryptocurrencies and blockchains, as The Economist puts it for example, is now arising more and more.

Blockchain public relations: Getting over the hype with the right approach

So, the challenge now is to show why your blockchain company or startup is here to stay. In other words: People need to see how blockchain technology can change their life or the lives of others. And not only in five or ten years time, but today, this year or next year.

(If you haven’t already, this is the perfect time to read the book ‘Crossing The Chasm’ by Geoffrey A. Moore. It’s a must-read for every marketer and PR professional in high-tech industries and demonstrates how you can take a new technology from innovators and early adopters to an early and then late majority market. This is exactly the struggle within the blockchain ecosystem right now.)

Let us make it simple here and apply a straightforward but effective ingredient to your blockchain public relations strategy: Storytelling.

‘Really? That is too simple’, you may think. But read the following three tips — we call them the key pillars of every PR strategy for blockchain companies — and see how storytelling is the connecting element between all of them:

EDUCATE about the problems inherent in the most common (Web 2.0) technologies/systems/platforms used today, the causes and the ideal state, which can be built on blockchain technologies. (And, of course, the basics of blockchain still need to be explained.) Check out the video below by our client, Consensys:

Think of this as the part of your blockchain public relations strategy that demystifies blockchain to reach a wider audience. Besides the standard public relations repertoire (press releases and pitches for general/specialised outreach, bylined articles for thought leadership), our tools of choice are:

One other option is to serialise educational content. Perhaps do a regular podcast or a series of educational YouTube videos? Either way, PR can support you in developing the right strategy and messaging for owned media.

SHOWCASE the solutions you are developing based on blockchain technology. That’s what we are helping ConsenSys to do. The company is a global formation of more than 1,000 technologists, entrepreneurs and developers building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralised world. With its 50+ running projects, ConsenSys has a huge pool of stories to tell.

By showcasing not only what you are doing but also who is doing it, you give complex blockchain technology a friendly face — someone that people can relate to. Also, when combined with the educational part, organising a meetup together with other players in the industry, just like the Berlin-based startup Centrifuge did, will help people to connect the dots.

Every blockchain company is covering at least two areas of potential (media) interest: 1) the tech/blockchain industry and 2) the sub-industry they are operating in. Adding local interest or meta topics provides a lot of angles for blockchain public relations.

INSPIRE journalists, influencers, potential users and customers by presenting not only a vision of the (near) future, but also by making information/products/services easily accessible. When you’re planning to pitch a story to journalists, for instance, think of writing a newsletter and ending it with a call-to-action like ‘click here to find out how to get started’. Also, as inspiring as a written article may be, make sure to use the right people in your company to tell the stories over different channels — including video in your toolset is key!

‘Why is it important to inspire’, you ask? Well, think of ‘artificial intelligence’, the other hot topic at the moment. If asked what it means or what’s behind this term, nearly everyone will have something in mind and can answer more or less adequately, because people can relate to both, ‘artificial’ (as the opposite of ‘natural’) and ‘intelligence’. Now step back, leave your filter bubble and ask: what’s ‘blockchain’? Yes, it is, simply said, a chain of blocks — but what does that mean?

Long story short: It takes more basic knowledge to understand the advantages of blockchain technology — this is something a proper blockchain PR strategy needs to take into account. If you try to address people who interact with more mainstream media, you need not only to explain things, but also to inspire, so that people see what they can do thanks to your product/service.

A simple formula for blockchain storytelling:

Blockchain storytelling

Communication, the P2P way: Social Media and messengers

As blockchain is all about turning centralised transaction processes to more decentralised ones, the envisioned updated world will rely on peer-to-peer actions and networks. Taking this into account for your blockchain public relations strategy, you need to communicate person-to-person (P2P) as well, especially if you want to get in touch with the tech community and/or an interested and supporting crowd of people from the early majority.

That means you should not only use social networks like Twitter, Reddit or LinkedIn, but also messengers like Telegram or — for earning real credibility in the Ethereum community — Status. And as everyone is using Slack and reading newsletters in the tech industry, go use these tools and #BUIDL your community!

Do you need support in developing and executing a proper PR strategy for your blockchain company/startup? Drop us a line today:

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