Taking a workplace video tool to the top of the viewing charts

Loom is a workplace video messaging tool that helps users get their message across through instantly shareable and easy to record videos. The company’s mission is to empower everyone at work to communicate more effectively wherever they are. Founded in 2015, Loom has more than 14 million users across 200,000 companies.

Despite this impressive growth, Loom was yet to establish itself among the industry’s key players in the UK market. Our enterprise IT team was brought on board to help the company grow and cement its position in an industry that became increasingly competitive during Covid-19.


Raising the volume

With virtually no media presence before we started working together, we grew Loom’s media footprint in the UK with 43 pieces of coverage in the first nine months, accumulating 2.5 million impressions.

Growing the audience

Outlets which featured Loom – most notably the Wall Street Journal in which we secured a video interview for Loom’s CTO on modern work experiments – totalled 47.1 million visitors on average per month.

Sending a message

Two fifths (40%) of coverage mentioned target keywords ‘async video’ or ‘async work’, helping to establish Loom as the driving force behind these topics.

Establishing expertise

We crafted and placed future-gazing thought leadership in leading industry publications across our target verticals, including IDG Connect, Mediashotz, and HR Grapevine.

Our primary objective was to increase brand awareness of Loom in the UK tech, business, and enterprise market – where it had not yet built a footprint and where larger players like Microsoft and Slack were driving the majority of conversations.

We were also tasked with:

To achieve these goals and help Loom unlock the potential of video at work, we developed unique and inspiring industry-specific content strands that demonstrated how it addresses the key modern work challenges facing different UK customers in HR, technology, and marketing.

We moved away from product specific messaging and instead, elevated the conversation by focusing on the business benefits of async video and weaving in bold opinions. This included topics such as managing hybrid teams and how consumer behaviour trends are reshaping workplace cultures.

We also aligned with journalists’ agenda by attaching Loom to current events and hot topics – such as the UK’s productivity crisis and The Great Resignation – in order to generate timely media opportunities that gave Loom a voice in wider industry conversations.

Finally, we used data to add credibility to Loom’s story and position Loom as the perfect partner for businesses as they navigate hybrid work environments.

The lorries are creative, scrappy, and proactive about telling our story to the world. They’re critical thinkers, partners in storytelling, and creative in the opportunities they surface. They executed on highly proactive and agile press pushes, and were able to jump on new initiatives or announcements from our side as they cropped up.

Emily Busse - Director of communications Loom