Lorries in the news: my biggest PR nightmares

PR Nightmares
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The lorries are back in the news, and this one’s bringing back all kinds of uncomfortable memories! Our US director Meredith L. Eaton has written an article for the Muck Rack blog divulging the top five PR nightmares and stressful experiences of her career – something everyone in the industry can relate to.

PR is consistently ranked as one of the most stressful careers around, with teams having to deal with a combination of client crises, tight deadlines, steep learning curves, demanding clients and busy journalists. As such, every PR pro is likely to experience their own nightmarish moment at some point.

Of course there is a benefit to these experiences, as Meredith explains: “these kinds of PR war stories provide such great learning experiences that the next time a similar situation presents itself for you or one of your clients or colleagues, you’ll know exactly how to handle it.”

So, what makes her list? Take a look at the article to find out.

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