Gospel Technology appoints Red Lorry Yellow Lorry as their UK comms agency

Gospel.Tech is working with Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Lorries to spread the word about game-changing enterprise blockchain platform.

London, 1 November 2018 – High-growth enterprise blockchain start-up Gospel Technology has appointed Red Lorry Yellow Lorry as its retained communications agency in the UK. The win adds to the lorries’ growing expertise in the blockchain sector.

Following a competitive pitch, of leading communications agencies, the lorries have signed a multi-year engagement with Gospel Technology.

Gospel has been recognised by leading analyst firm IDC as the “first practical enterprise application of blockchain” and is the first ever enterprise blockchain company to receive funding from Salesforce Ventures.

The company’s inter-enterprise data collaboration platform addresses one of the thorniest challenges in the digital economy – how to securely use and exchange data without impacting business performance. Gospel’s technology creates a fabric of trust for secure data collaboration, both between employees within the enterprise and between enterprises within complex supply-chains.

Gospel Technology was founded by CEO Ian Smith, the entrepreneur behind data analysis and migration company, Butterfly Software, which was successfully acquired by IBM in 2012.

Over the coming months, the lorries will be working with Gospel to raise awareness of the benefits that blockchain is now delivering in the enterprise space, while also driving product understanding and creating thought leadership around blockchain for the enterprise.

Through their ‘Brands to Business’ approach, the lorries will help Gospel communicate its position as an industry innovator and reach its target audience with an integrated PR strategy. This will be aimed at the business and technology press, along with the HR, healthcare and manufacturing verticals.

“The lorries team showed a huge amount of passion for the sector, as well as a strong understanding of the transformative impact that our technology, underpinned by blockchain can bring to the enterprise world,” said Kevin Bailey, Director GTM Strategy at Gospel Technology. “They clearly understand not only blockchain and data security, but also how business operations such as supply chain, systems of records and personal data can benefit cross industries that operate in the digital ecosystem. The lorries expertise will help drive our integrated marketing and business growth efforts.”

“We’re really delighted to be working with Gospel Technology, an exciting UK success story with fantastic potential. This is a fantastic win for us. It supplements our growing blockchain practice, adding to clients such as ConsenSys and Cement and taps into the growing blockchain expertise within the company.” said Hannah Patel, UK director of the lorries. “There has been a lot of hype around blockchain technology and Gospel’s platform shows that it can bring tangible benefits to enterprises. That’s a story we can’t wait to tell!”

About Gospel

Gospel Technology delivers the world’s first secure inter-enterprise and intra-enterprise data collaboration platform, utilising distributed ledgers to allow timely, trusted access to critical company owned data across its entire usage lifecycle. Gospel presents a totally new way of accessing and controlling data which is enterprise grade scalable, highly resilient, and secure – providing complete trust in an untrusted environment. For more information, visit: http://gospel.tech

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