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On June 8, 2022

Cine Gear Expo

Does the road to your end users take you through Cine Gear Expo in LA?

At the start of this year, we kicked off our ‘Wish You Were Here…?’ campaign to help marketers and PR teams across the media and entertainment and content production industries navigate the journey towards their destination: their target audiences. 

If that’s you and your journey to reach the world’s leading movie studios or streaming giants takes you via the Cine Gear Expo at the LA convention center, you’ll want to make sure you’re connecting with audiences in the right way. 

Your target audiences have been through some significant changes over the last few years; especially when it comes to what they’ll need when attending a trade show. So, if you’re on the show floor and a prospective client comes to your exhibition; what do you need to remember? 

Connecting with Hollywood studios

When speaking to the studios and production companies behind some of the best-loved media properties, you need a particular tone of voice to connect with them in the right way. 

Movie studios’ roles have changed somewhat. They are now the end user for technology, as they invest in their own streaming services. As well as needing production workflows on set and in the studio, they also have to put in place their own entirely new playout and delivery infrastructures. 

Regardless of how their roles have changed, using the right language is key. Many studios have a history and a legacy in Hollywood. Using phrases that reflect your industry is important, especially in technology terms. You should use the same tone of voice and turns of phrases as your end users. 

Hollywood is built on creative people who put their all into every project, which makes movie production an incredibly emotive process for so many people. You need to reflect that in how you speak to them; your brand should engage with that, showcasing how you can help studios support their creative teams.

Engage the streamers

As the streaming landscape continues to grow, the streaming giants need their own production, post-production and finishing workflows; none of which they had in place when streaming first became popular.

To put yourself in the right position to work with streamers as a vendor, it’s important to remember that they’re all about innovation and using technology to improve customer experiences. So, you need to always make sure you’re showcasing what you can offer in terms of user experience and technical expertise. 

That innovation doesn’t come from an off-the-shelf solution. Alongside promoting your technical excellence, make sure you position yourself as a partner and not just a technology vendor that will drop off a new product and then leave. 

Build bridges with broadcasters 

Along with studios and streamers, broadcasters are the other key group who will attend shows like Cine Gear – and do so having faced the biggest changes to their businesses over the last few years. They need technical partners who they can work with on a long-term basis to support digital business transformation, driving change quickly and seamlessly. 

What you need to keep in mind when communicating with broadcasters is that what they do requires a delicate balance between the creative and the technical. Your communications must walk this line, providing challenge-overcoming content on both sides.

You should also support what you’re saying by backing up your technology or services through the context of how you’ve helped other customers. This is worth its weight in gold; providing case studies and testimonials will build trust with potential customers.

You know the destination. Here’s how to get there. 

If the journey to your destination goes through this year’s Cine Gear Expo, make sure to use your time speaking to potential customers in the right way. Our latest ebook ‘Wish You Were Here…?’ goes into more detail and offers loads of free tips and advice on how you can better connect with your target audiences, whoever they are.

Download the ebook here or feel free to get in touch if you think we can help you plan your journey and reach your destination. 

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