What the latest landscape shift means for media and entertainment marketing

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On March 23, 2022

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Whether for a software or hardware provider, a VFX or virtual production studio, an immersive technologist or a systems integrator, we know that media tech PR and entertainment marketing teams have seen a huge shift in their target audiences.  

Over the last few years, this tangible shift has had a far-reaching impact. Both on the kinds of tech that are being deployed in the production and distribution of screen-based entertainment, and on how tech vendors have had to adapt their external communications strategies.  

What’s caused this shift? 

Streaming vs broadcast, on-demand vs live. It’s nothing new, but streaming is now the default for so many – not just younger audiences. And with every media producer, broadcaster, sports league and movie studio now fighting to stay in the conversation, competition in streaming has never been more fierce.  

This means the end users of streaming technologies have changed dramatically. Initially it was just the pioneers of streaming who needed distribution infrastructures. This has now expanded to the likes of movie studios and sports leagues, who wouldn’t have even thought about having their own delivery workflows 10 years ago.  

And with so much competition in getting people onto your broadcast, unicast or streaming service, media organisations have to bring out the big guns: intellectual properties. Giving audiences exclusive access to the fictional worlds that they already love has proven to be a sure-fire way to engage audiences and win new customers.  

This is the case for TV or episodic projects and movie franchises – even theme park worlds and attractions. Most recently we’ve seen single-camera shows like The Mandalorian on Disney+ and The Witcher on Netflix become hits, demonstrating why these services need to be investing both in IPs and in the production of these beautifully made shows. 

Media production has long been characterised by constant innovation. And the last few years have seen the biggest strides forwards with new filmmaking techniques. Real-time VFX, virtual production and LED volumes are being used with increased frequency to provide creatives with the best tools to produce content of the highest quality, regardless of the eventual screen size.  

Where does comms come in? 

But what does this all mean for you as a marketing and communications professional for a media and entertainment technology vendor or service provider? Needing to address a new audience of end users isn’t always a straightforward task. 

Unlike many other industries, marketers and comms professionals in media and entertainment technology have a fairly finite pool of prospects. In what used to be a market led by salespeople, marketing and comms can be much more impactful than it’s ever been. If you know who your prospects are, the next step is putting in place a tailored approach to reach them.  

Planning is always key. You need to prepare messaging and storylines dedicated to each potential end user you’re trying to reach. Presenting the right tone of voice and communicating in a way that your new end users can connect with is much more important than many people give it credit for.  

You then need to understand where your audiences are, tailoring communications and marketing activity to get in front of the right people. This might be through media relations or producing your own content, rolling out a social media or digital campaign, or advertising in a few select publications. The more specific you are with what you do and how you communicate, the better success you’ll have in connecting with the right people.  That’s they key to any successful entertainment marketing campaign.

You know the destination, here’s how to get there.  

To help you reach your new end user, we’ve put together a new ebook that can guide you on your journey. Regardless of whether your destination is to reach movie studios, industry-leading streamers or a legacy broadcaster looking to deliver new digital services, we’ve stuffed this book with tips and advice for tailoring your communications in the most effective way.  

It outlines how you can decide your destination, what you need to plan your journey, and ultimately the secret sauce to making your trip a successful one. It’s our three-pronged approach to modern media and entertainment marketing.

Download our brand new ebookWish You Were Here? – now and get in touch if you need an experienced partner who can help you make your journey.   

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