Working with the lorries – a chat with Severn Trent Water

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What’s it like working with our customer communications team, and what type of things can we help you with? Here’s a brief insight from one of our recent customers.

We worked with Severn Trent Water to:

Why did you decide to work with the lorries?

We did some research and there were quite a few companies offering this type of service – reputation and competitive pricing were very important. The lorries had a great reputation of working with and delivering for high-profile clients. We decided to give them the chance to do some pilot work with us.

It was key that our chosen partner took time to understand our brand and what we wanted to achieve in our written communications. The lorries developed an intimate knowledge of our brand and business during the pilot – they showed they could deliver efficient and sustainable change, and that’s why we chose to work with them this project.

What were the objectives for the project?

We recognised that how we wrote to customers hadn’t moved with the times. We wanted our written communications brought up to speed with 21st-century writing practice – what today’s customer expects.

We had a strategic objective – to improve the experience our customers’ experience and streamline the customer communications journey. As well as two key tactical objectives. The first was to refresh our entire literature library. The second was to train all staff responsible for sending letters on how we want to sound as a company – reflecting our core values in their written word.

Briefly tell us about the project

Working in partnership with the lorries, we trained over 900 staff at different levels across our Customer Relations department. We trimmed down our letter template library and what remained went through a robust review process. Our aim was to refresh the structure but more importantly the language of all our letters.

What were the main results?

The training went down a storm with our staff and represented a significant investment in them. We wanted to give them the right skills to deliver the best customer service possible – and the project enabled us to do this. Our employees can now write and tailor letters that are to the point, use everyday language and keep it simple – making it easier for customers. We’re getting excellent feedback from staff and customers about our new tone of voice.

What are three words that describe working with the lorries?

Expert, flexible, reliable.



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