PRMoment: How marketing integration has benefited public relations

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How far have b2b PR, marketing and advertising integrated? Well, quite a bit actually and that’s what our head of digital, Errol Jayawardene told PR Moment recently for their article on why PR is getting more work as the marketing boundary lines become more blurred. Check out his quote. Full link to the article below.

“Undoubtedly, PR agencies and comms teams are getting work that has traditionally sat with advertising. Years ago you had large media buying teams in ad agencies; the internet and pay per click has been another nail in their coffin. But it goes both ways, the reality is we are often fighting for the same budgets as marketing functions consolidate.

“Good PR agencies are well-placed to win the battle as they understand messaging, relationship building and two-way conversation better than most ad agencies. Increasingly, organic and paid social media are seen as an extension of the comms function because of engagement with end-users.

“The need for good content puts PR in the driving seat. But just as the advertising industry has become more commoditised, there’s a danger that PR could too unless our content is thoughtful and motivates the right audience to take the desired action.”

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