Remotely Interesting Road Trip: CMO Insights

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On April 19, 2021


What are the secrets to engaging b2b IT decision-makers with your digital content marketing? CMOs offer their advice and top tips.

As b2b technology marketers, we spend our lives trying to work out what IT decision-makers are thinking. That’s why we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the findings of Vanson Bourne’s market research into US and UK-based IT decision-makers’ digital content preferences.

Did you know that over half of those surveyed increased their use of social media to keep up with industry developments after tradeshows and conferences were cancelled? And that, in comparison, only 40% turned to tech-focused news websites? We didn’t either!

In this Remotely Interesting Road Trip, recorded in late 2020, we spoke with clients Seismic, Bynder and Quantum – as well as Vanson Bourne – to hear their reactions to the study’s findings.

Our CMO interviewees shared their thoughts on shifting social media habits, fostering communities through virtual events, the importance of content localization and more. We can’t promise you all the answers, but if you’re looking to engage IT decision-makers, the below videos are a great place to start.

Episode 1: Vanson Bourne

In this opening episode, John Mackay, Head of Marketing and Design at Vanson Bourne, introduces the study and tells us why demand for research-based content from a trusted source has grown since the onset of the pandemic.


Episode 2: Quantum

Natasha Beckley, CMO at Quantum shares her tips for combating digital fatigue: “What we’ve pivoted to recently at Quantum is account-based or person-based marketing, with more micro-events where we can deliver meaningful content that really focuses on a targeted use-case.”

Watch her interview to learn more about using digital content to connect with your audience in an authentic way.


Episode 3: Bynder

“People like reading about themselves, hold a mirror up to your audience” says Bynder CMO, Andrew Hally. Hear more b2b marketing tips and find out which statistic from Vanson Bourne’s market research shocked Andrew below.


Episode 4: Seismic

Winnie Palmer, EMEA Head of Marketing at Seismic, sees removing internal silos as crucial to success in these uncertain times. She says: “We need to reach across the aisle to sales, to customer success, to services etc, so as marketers, we know the stories that are being told.” Discover how consistent storytelling can give your brand the edge in the full video.


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