How to engage your audience in the themed entertainment space

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On September 8, 2021

Themed entertainment
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Media and entertainment stretches much further than the movies you go to see at the cinema, or the shows you watch from your sofaplex. Over the last few years, immersive/themed entertainment has become more and more popular – from the latest attractions at the biggest theme parks, to independently-run immersive theatres and everything in between. 

The technology behind these entertainment experiences is always interesting to the entertainment junkies here at the lorries. Not only do they have to walk the line between innovation and creativity, but most importantly, they need to go completely unseen in order to maintain a themed location’s illusion or facade.

Unfortunately, that invisibility to guests isn’t necessarily conducive to the marketers and communications teams charged with telling the story of their technologies. So while the world continues to open up again after a year or more of public spaces being shut down, the media and entertainment team here at the lorries wanted to provide a bit of insight into how technology providers to the themed entertainment space can bolster their communications and tell their stories in the most effective way possible. 

In our new eBookLocation-based communications – we outline the challenges that many technology-focused marketers within the themed entertainment industry commonly come up against and what you can do to overcome them. We even borrow a little vernacular from Walt Disney himself, and give you some free advice on how to plus your communications, including:

Download the free eBook here

If you’re a technology provider working in the themed entertainment industry and think our expertise in telling the stories of a number of industry-leading entertainment technologists could help you reach a wider audience, get in touch now

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