How can enterprise IT brands engage a global audience?


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On August 25, 2020


Growing an enterprise IT brand globally has never been an easy task. Businesses have faced the perennial challenge of standing out from the crowd and engaging their audiences around the world in the most effective way possible.

The bad news is that this has quickly become more complex than ever before. Not only is there now more competition, there’s also a wider variety of channels to consider. Throw in the fact that COVID-19 has dramatically reduced the opportunities salespeople have to meet prospects and customers face-to-face, and it’s clear that enterprise IT brands have a serious task on their hands.

So, in an increasingly remote world, how can you maximise the effectiveness of your global PR and lead gen campaigns? How can you generate leads and drive brand awareness by reaching the right audience, with the right content, at the right time?

Adapting to different regions

This is where PR and content marketing campaigns play a key role. But, when you’re targeting people in different countries around the world, a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t cut it.

Asia-Pacific provides a perfect example of the importance of customising campaigns to different countries. Kunalan Chakravarthy, CEO of Singapore-headquartered communications agency Priority Consultants, explains: “Too many fall into the trap of treating all countries in APAC the same, rather than considering the vast cultural differences between them. Businesses have to be prepared to create specific PR and marketing plans for each country if they want to make a real impact in the region.”

It’s vital to appreciate the differences between countries – even those that are culturally similar – as this will impact the success of PR and lead gen campaigns. “UK enterprise IT outlets are interested in strong opinions, relevant data points and customer references,” says the lorries’ UK director Hannah Patel. “But remember that all content must resonate with a UK audience. Just because we speak the same language as the US, it doesn’t mean a one-size-fits-all approach will work.”

Clearly, there’s a huge amount to think about when it comes to generating leads and building brand awareness remotely. So, we’ve gathered expert regional insights from our global PR network, Convoy, to help you navigate your way through the needs and nuances of local markets, cultures and media landscapes.

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