A change is as good as a rest: embracing the new media and entertainment landscape

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On June 10, 2021


The lorries have been working in the media and entertainment (M&E) space for nearly 20 years. But the industry and the way we define it, isn’t what it was 10 years ago.

“Media” used to be the TV broadcasts that we watched in the living room and the films we watched at the cinema. Now it includes programming of any and all lengths, watched on any device that has a screen. Branded YouTube channels and social accounts are driven by media that’s as professionally produced as many TV shows or films. 

On top of this, we have more cinematic and immersive games than ever, media-driven marketing campaigns, incredible outdoor displays, location-based entertainment, VR activations, digital displays and theme park attractions. These all require media that must be created, managed and delivered in the most efficient ways possible.

Media has become so all-encompassing, and audiences and consumers now expect to be entertained on an almost minute-to-minute basis. As a result, platforms that didn’t previously exist or that have completely changed over the last few years through the augmentation of technology, are now some of the most important. 

Media is now acting as a bridge between brands, marketing professionals, technologists and consumers. And there’s more pressure on technology vendors to tell a story that connects with both the CTO and the CMO.

Revenue streams have changed – shrunk in some areas, and expanded in others. This means the M&E technology providers that once worked solely with broadcasters and filmmaking creatives are now partnering with a huge number of organisations in a wider range of industry verticals – all with different challenges and levels of knowledge 

For an agency like Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – one with a speciality in ‘media and entertainment’ – this means two things. Firstly, we’re working with existing M&E clients and organisations to help them adapt by addressing new markets, audience expectations and revenue streams. And secondly, we’re providing our range of services across the marketing and communications mix to new technology and service providers operating within this space – using our industry knowledge and expertise to help them gain some traction in this ever-changing and increasingly competitive landscape. 

So, as I take on my new role of Head of Media and Entertainment in our London office, it’s clear to me that this is going to be a really fun challenge. I’m looking forward to engaging with technology providers who are innovating with the creation, management and delivery of media that entertains, no matter what form that takes. 

Here’s to the new M&E landscape!  

If you need help adapting your M&E business to the new landscape, please contact Martin Izzard at martini@rlyl.com.

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