Why the factory approach is all wrong for tech PR agencies

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On May 30, 2018


Our CEO, Guy Walsingham recently spoke to PRMoment about why it’s important that B2B tech PR agencies move away from taking a factory approach to managing employees and clients. And why having focused, expert teams working on carefully selected accounts is the only way to deliver the work that clients need.

Here’s some of the key quotes from the article:

On tech agency groups:

With huge overheads and a need to fulfil the financial demands of shareholders, major tech PR agency groups often put profit before creativity and original thought.

On the best PR approach:

Put clients’ needs first and it’s clear that they are best served by expert sector-specialist teams that only work with a handful of accounts. This boutique model gives teams more space to create, to think and to consult – providing the thought-led, insightful service clients are paying for.

On the PR industry:

As advertising becomes more commoditised, PR has the opportunity to win a bigger portion of the marketing spend. Central to that offer is a strategy, story and content. Good B2B tech PR agencies should then be in a position of strength. It’s no surprise to see mid-sized tech agencies – who have led the charge to fight the factory approach – gaining ground on bigger rivals, with above average growth in the league tables.

Read the full article at: https://www.prmoment.com/category/opinion/get-rid-of-pr-sweatshops
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