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On October 30, 2020


When businesses across the world started working remotely, so did the lorries. But despite the strange circumstances, we’ve found that there’s nothing better than coming together virtually for a good old-fashioned chinwag.

The news has always kept us all on our toes – particularly over the last few months. That’s why we decided to get together regularly over Zoom to discuss some of the interesting stories that have recently taken our attention. And even better, see if they provide some valuable b2b marketing lessons with the current, unpredictable environment in mind.

We’ll be updating this blog as new episodes go live, so be sure to check in regularly.

Dive right in to see what we’ve discovered to be Remotely Interesting and let us know your take on the stories over on LinkedIn and Twitter.

8. L.A. lorries Tanya Roberts and Casey Love discuss the spread of misinformation on social media and how it encourages public distrust, particularly during the COVID pandemic and US election:

7. How do the lorries get in a creative headspace?

Fast Company reported that negative emotions can foster creativity, whereas positive emotions can constrain it. It got us thinking about what we do to help us come up with better creative ideas.

London lorries Rebecca Burgess and Francesca D’arcy-orga share their advice and the team’s ideas for boosting creativity:

6. London lorries Hannah Patel and Sam Pudwell take a look at Twitter’s latest study on brand tone of voice and ask: how should b2b brands talk to their customers, particularly in the current climate?

5. L.A. lorry Kerry Quintiliani and London lorry Philip Iacob discuss what companies within the media and entertainment industry need to consider as they go back to work.

4. London lorry Alex Rabone and Boston lorry Meredith L. Eaton virtually sat down to discuss brand trust and loyalty during the pandemic and how it can be protected.

3. London lorry Errol Jayawardene virtually sits down with Boston lorry Jackie Blundell to discuss the do’s and don’ts of community initiatives during the pandemic, drawing upon the actions taken by Twitter, Amazon, Facebook and Google.

2. London lorries Sam Pudwell and Jacob Greenwood take a look at our reading habits and preferences since the lockdown has come into place and discuss what b2b tech brands can learn from them.

  1. London lorries Rebecca Burgess and Alex Humphries-French think about the GRAMMY Museum’s decision to release never-before-seen content amidst the current lockdown and what b2b marketers can learn from it.

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