Lorries play “buzzword bingo” with the CIPR

Hannah Patel PR

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On August 17, 2016

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London lorry Valerio Rossetti has spoken to the CIPR about the results of our recent research into buzzword bingo – overused words and phrases in the tech PR industry.

Over the last three months we’ve been talking to tech journalists, analysts and IT companies about the marketing buzzwords they’re tired of hearing.

Valerio’s article shares some of our findings, saying:

“Let’s face it. Every industry has its own marketing buzzwords. Buzzwords can start off as useful terms but more often than not they get bandied around so much they start to lose their original meaning. As a result, from a marketing and PR perspective, you risk getting lost in the crowd – just because your competitors are using a term doesn’t mean that you should!

 When it comes to overused jargon arguably some of the biggest offenders are those in the enterprise IT space. Cyber this, big data that; the industry is riddled with the same terminology that we hear time and time again.”

 We’ll be sharing our tips on how to avoid the pitfalls over overused language in next month’s CIPR Influence.

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