Myth-busting PR in the DACH region

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On August 21, 2019

PR in the DACH region

Launching a PR or marketing campaign in the DACH region might seem like a straightforward task, but the truth is it requires a different approach to countries like the UK and USA. There are a range of factors that businesses need to take into account. For example, not only does Germany, Austria and Switzerland speak 3 languages (German, French and Italian), the media landscape is still very print heavy and the region uses some unique social media platforms that businesses may not be familiar with.

In the latest edition of our Talking TechComms podcast, we built on our ‘myth-busting PR’ series of blogs by sending London lorry Dan Simpson out to our Belin office to sit down with our director of Germany, Saskia Stolper. As well as providing her insights into the key aspects of running a PR or marketing campaign in DACH, Saskia outlined the key misconceptions that businesses tend to fall foul of when expanding into the region.

The discussion covered several key areas, including:

Click below to listen to the full podcast and discover the nuts and bolts of rolling out a successful PR and marketing campaign in DACH.

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