Dos and don’ts for martech brands looking to capitalise on the metaverse trend 

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On May 27, 2022


The metaverse is just around the corner – and for marketers, the possibilities are endless. From trying on a clothing item virtually and having it shipped to your home in real time, to exclusive access to digital spaces based on tiered membership levels – the sky’s the limit.  

But where to start for b2b martech marketers? Here are some dos and don’ts for navigating this fast-moving landscape.  

Keep an open mind 

The metaverse is new and uncharted territory, much like the internet was 30 years ago. The key to mastering it is to not jump to quick judgments and to learn through trial and error. Because there’s no rule book for the metaverse, marketers will have to roll with the punches. 

For instance, you might instinctively think that marketing in the metaverse will be the preserve of b2c brands. But as a b2b martech marketer, there’s plenty of scope to harness the metaverse for company announcements, press briefings, product showcases, networking events, conferences and more.  

Thinking creatively is key 

Successful marketing in the metaverse isn’t going to be about slapping your logo on a virtual billboard. Instead, it’ll need to have a wow factor, and ideally relate back to events in the ‘real’ world. Take Miller Lite opening a bar in the metaverse for the Super Bowl as an example.  

Make marketing social 

It can help to think of the metaverse not as a video game, but just like an online version of real life. Building relationships is a key factor in every aspect of the metaverse. People want social marketing experiences – yes, even in the b2b world – whether it’s attending a product demo, jumping into a lunch and learn or hosting a careers fair.  

This lesson also applies to martech marketers themselves. It’s time to start building relationships with key metaverse players. These will serve you well in the long term, and help you to maintain an edge over your competitors when they eventually jump on the metaverse bandwagon. 

Forget to educate yourself 

Now’s the time for martech marketers to begin educating themselves and their teams about Web 3.0. Whether it’s getting to grips with NFTs or figuring out how the metaverse might integrate into your marketing tech stack – there’s so much to learn.  

You’ll find there are plenty of free resources available. Companies operating in the metaverse space understand that though there’s a lot of excitement among marketers about the metaverse, very few have in-depth knowledge. So, many of them are focusing on creating educational webinars, eBooks and even short courses to bring people up to speed.  

Play it safe 

The metaverse is all about creating imaginative, even otherworldly experiences. If a brand’s advertising and marketing efforts lack uniqueness or originality, prospects will simply move on. 

Often, b2b marketers will play it safe when dipping their toes into new channels or formats. There’ll be no room for this in the metaverse. As the saying goes, fortune favours the bold! 

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