What we’re most looking forward to at InfoComm 2023

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On June 1, 2023


Digital business cards? Check. Comfortable shoes? Check. Portable charger? Check. It can only mean one thing, InfoComm is just around the corner. And of course, I couldn’t resist penning a listicle of what I’m most excited to see at the show. Here goes nothing…

1. The ‘Esports Live’ stages

The digital nature of esports competitions presents an interesting technical challenge for organisers. And what better place to see this in action than InfoComm’s ‘Esports Live’ stages, which give us a glimpse into the future of gaming?

I’m looking forward to seeing all the different AV-driven components showcased at InfoComm and learning how they make up esports production and consumption. On top of the demos, there will also be a plethora of talks and sessions on the tech and the business of esports, which the lorry delegation will be attending, notepad in hand.

2. More immersive entertainment 

AV is such a crucial part of today’s entertainment landscape. VR and mixed reality, projection mapping and innovative LED or holographic displays are all critical tools being deployed to create hyper-immersive entertainment for a generation of consumers who value experiences over possessions. Hitting the show floor, I’m excited to see the latest tech being used to create these

Several lorry clients – like The Park Playground and Red Raion – work with and operate in the immersive entertainment space. And it’s an area we’re looking forward to seeing grow even further as the broadcast media, filmmaking and post-production industries start to recognise the potential of immersive entertainment and move into this space. 

3. More end user-driven content and demonstrations

In a recent conversation with AV Technology, Annette Sandler (AVIXA’s director of live content), said that over 30% of attendees to InfoComm 2022 were end users from across a wide range of markets.  With delegates from entertainment, education, consumer manufacturing and government, tech vendors exhibiting at the show must present their technology’s end user benefits and outcomes, not just showcase the latest buttons and features.

It goes without saying that as an exhibitor, you attend the show to position yourself as the right technology or service partner for prospects. But to do that, it’s really important that you don’t sell your products. Instead, focus on selling the real-world benefits of your technology and the challenges you can help users overcome. To do this, you don’t just need an eyecatching stand, but some compelling stories to go with it! 

4. The marriage of sales and marketing

As I walk the show floor, I’m looking forward to connecting with marketers and comms professionals who understand that comms campaigns are so much more than ‘window dressing’ in the form of media coverage. 

Over the last few years, the marketing and PR space has changed so much. And so have we as an agency. More and more, our positioning for our clients is about bringing together sales and marketing. Working with them to design campaigns that will impact the bottom line, directly engaging target audiences and moving them through the sales funnel using lead generation activities. 

It’s increasingly important that we don’t see PR and comms KPIs as boxes to tick, but as a way to measure the true value of money spent on marketing and communications. 

If you’re a results-conscious marketer heading out to InfoComm and want to connect at the show, get in touch on LinkedIn, or via hello@rlyl.com, and we’ll get something in the diary. 

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