Convoy Tour Guide: B2B marketing and PR in Greece

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On August 12, 2021

b2b marketing in Greece

Danai Vamvacopoulou, managing partner at EXTROVERT Business Communications – part of our global agency network Convoy – explains what goes into running a successful B2B marketing and PR campaign in Greece.

Although renowned for its beautiful beaches and temperate climate, Greece is much more than just a holiday destination. As this country of 10.7 million inhabitants recovers from an extended period of economic turbulence, tech and telecoms are two sectors that are on the rise.

If, like many other B2B tech brands, you’re looking to enter the local market, here’s what you need to know.

A changing media landscape

The Greek media landscape has evolved rapidly over the last decade, causing a cascade of changes in the field of marketing and PR. Today, media outlets are facing serious uncertainty, with print media suffering the most. The media landscape in Greece is characterized by digital fragmentation, and by one of the highest uses of social media for access to news. More than two thirds (69%) of Greeks on the Internet receive their news through social media, which is one of the largest percentages worldwide (out of 46 countries surveyed). Over half (52%) of users utilise Facebook as their main news source, remaining on social media primarily for this purpose – although this figure has fallen by 5% since last year.

During the pandemic, the rise of pay-TV and Instagram’s emergence as an advertising platform have brought about additional changes to the media landscape. At the same time, we’ve seen the rise of the influencer – mainly in the technology and lifestyle markets. Rather than traditional media, buyers prefer to be informed by the personal experiences of YouTubers and other freelance reviewers. This has led PR agencies to adapt their strategies by adopting a 360° approach to marketing and PR that includes having a comprehensive presence across all media channels.

The Greek audience

The Greek audience is similar to those in Western European countries. Therefore, most brands roll out their international communications campaigns without making any big adaptations for the Greek market. In regard to PR, it is essential to consider certain factors, such as local culture and trends, in order to plan a successful communications campaign.  The financial crisis of the past decade led to the downsizing of broadcast and print media, while empowering online and social media platforms. A brand entering the Greek market will benefit from a 360° marketing strategy to communicate its key messages effectively, using all available and appropriate channels. Collaborating with a local PR agency is an effective way of gaining invaluable insider knowledge. A local PR partner must know the market inside out, have excellent media and influencer relations, understand clients’ needs and be experienced in international account handling.

Social media

Greece has very high rate of social media penetration. In January 2021, 71.2% of the total population were social media users, up by almost 10% from the previous year. As such, brands invest in building solid social media strategies, where content is king. In this cluttered environment, only the most talented storytellers stand out.  B2b brands get the most value from social media if they target the correct specialised audiences and spread their news using a variety of formats (videos, graphics, articles, webinars etc.) In Greece, unlike in many other countries, b2b tech companies use Facebook to promote sales and run ads to increase awareness and conversions. Meanwhile, LinkedIn is used to share corporate and HR news, Instagram to highlight corporate culture and YouTube for reviews and unboxing of hi-tech products.

When it comes to social media, international clients can trust a local PR expert to offer 360° communications support. This means not only adapting language, but also building a strong online image, designing and planning local campaigns, extending their network and audience, developing influencer marketing campaigns and leveraging other opportunities.

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