Five tips martech pros can use to build a stronger digital connection with their audience

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On May 24, 2022


Over a decade ago Marc Andreeseen declared that “software is eating the world” thanks to the peak of what we now call Web2 and the onset of unicorns and IPOs. A decade later, with the razzle-dazzle of unicorns wearing off, enter a new term – dragons – which describes software companies valued at over $12 billion.  

So, the martech market is more crowded than ever, making it harder for marketing software brands to cut through the noise. With many of our clients operating in this crowded space, the lorries know how to read the room when it comes to helping martech brands communicate. But you shouldn’t have to hire an agency to understand the basics of building digital connections which enable you to stand out from the unicorns and dragons. Here are our five top tips.  

1. Always be online 

Almost half the world is active on social media – making it a critical channel for customer engagement. Most brands already have some sort of social media presence. But for many, it can make sense to create standalone accounts on Twitter or Facebook to handle customer requests or problems. This helps to avoid negative comments from being amplified. If these aren’t addressed, they can lead to a 15% increase in churn rates for brands – according to Gartner. 

2. Jump on trends 

While social media trends might not fit into the customer personas your marketing team worked hard to craft – trends still present opportunities to reach new audiences and expand your reach. While this might not result in direct sales or leads generated, it’s a fun way to potentially gain followers and showcase your brand’s authenticity. Duolingo is a great example of a brand that does this well. 

3. Data is king (or queen) 

Everyone in martech knows that data is key to staying ahead. It’s crucial to understanding who your customers are, where to find them online, and what content resonates with them. Figuring out a stellar digital strategy doesn’t happen overnight. But capturing data and using the resulting insights to inform your marketing strategy on an ongoing basis will ensure you never go too far wrong.  

4. Showcase your employees 

Did you know that 79% of companies saw greater online visibility once they implemented a formal employee advocacy program?  There’s a holiday or theme for everything, so it’s up to your company to figure out the best way to showcase your valuable employees.  

Why not reach out to your employees to ask if they’d be interested in contributing to your social channels? Or perhaps they’d like support in building their own personal brand? 

5. Look good, from all angles 

Your website should look flawless – and be intuitive to navigate – on all devices and browsers. With 75% of the world expected to use smartphones as the primary device to browse the internet, having seamless mobile UX is crucial.  

Seriously, once your marketing team has put so much hard work into directing a potential customer to your brand’s website, don’t fail them by having it look jumbled on mobile. You will instantly lose their interest. Looking good from all angles should be a constant priority!  

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