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Chaque client est unique. Une compréhension fine des marchés et audiences nous aide à mettre en place les fondations du succès.

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Nos équipes planning et créatives travaillent main dans la main à façonner le bon mix stratégique et marketing pour engager, influencer et faire entendre votre marque.
Les insights sur vos acheteurs ainsi que sur les perceptions du marché nous aident à construire la plateforme de marque intégrant les story, messages et tonalité des campagnes.

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  • Looking for an agency adept at the intersection of technology, business and regulation such as with cryptocurrency, there was no competition. The lorries were really the only choice because they demonstrated a strategic understanding of our business and industry.

    Nate Habermeyer - Head of Global Marketing & Communications Blockchain Intelligence Group
  • As a relatively young company with ambitious growth plans, we needed a dynamic agency that could provide the insights and support to help take us to the next level. The lorries definitely fit the bill – from digital marketing strategy to content creation and campaign execution, they have become a valuable extension of our marketing team.

    Brian Habibi - Co-founder & CMO Bayzat
  • The lorries team has been a valuable communications partner as we’ve expanded into the competitive EMEA sales enablement market. From strategic advice to tactical execution, their creativity and professionalism have already delivered some impressive results that have helped grow the Seismic brand.

    Winnie Palmer - EMEA head of marketing Seismic
  • The lorries have been fantastic partners. I have worked with them on multiple projects over the years and when I needed help with our social media strategy and management, the team stepped in and did a great job. They supported all our needs, from helping craft the strategy to stepping in and doing the execution. They worked in a way that made it easy for me to provide input/feedback. During the time they partnered with us on this programme, we were able to achieve our goals of increasing followers and engagement.

    Allyson Holbrook - VP corporate marketing Beamery
  • The lorries are creative, scrappy, and proactive about telling our story to the world. They’re critical thinkers, partners in storytelling, and creative in the opportunities they surface. They executed on highly proactive and agile press pushes, and were able to jump on new initiatives or announcements from our side as they cropped up.

    Emily Busse - Director of communications Loom
  • Working with the talented team at RLYL, we implemented a new digital approach for targeting new leads and increasing traffic and conversions in our online shop. Their expertise in PPC planning and optimization, coupled with the imaginative approach to creating engaging content proved invaluable to our digital marketing strategy.

    Eva Panjan - marketing manager SGO
  • As a PR organisation, you have achieved a lot for us and have put the brand and its SOV where it is today.

    VP marketing A leading web3 security provider
  • Nous avons très vite fait le choix de s’appuyer sur l’agence Red Lorry Yellow Lorry pour nous accompagner dans la médiatisation de CYSAT, le plus grand évènement européen dédie à la cybersécurité dans le spatial. L’agence a su construire un socle de communication pan-européen (France, Allemagne, Angleterre et Italie) en vue de médiatiser CYSAT et toute la filière spatiale européenne présente lors de l'événement. S’appuyer sur une agence qui compte déjà parmi ses clients des acteurs majeurs du secteur de la cybersécurité, du spatial et de la défense ainsi qu’un réseau de journalistes internationaux experts de ces sujets, a participé grandement à la promotion et la réussite de notre événement.

    Alexandra Vaillant - directrice marketing (organisateur de CYSAT)  CYSEC